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Archive for October, 2009

I know it’s blasphemy to suggest that anyone could fill Francois Payard’s (I’d imagine) very large shoes but Financier Patisserie, despite having 5 locations as of this week, comes pretty damn close in many areas.  In the fancy pants >$5 pastry department I don’t believe it has more than one or two peers in NYC.

One of the best things they offer is their chocolate mousse cake.  This is a pastry that shows of the skills of its creator.  It involves an almond macaroon base, a chocolate ganache vein, a chocolate biscuit and a dark chocolate glaze.  I have purchased this at different times from at least 3 of their locations and each time it tasted like it was just made.  Not overly sweet with great texture from all the different layers.  If you want to see one whole, go here.

Their Sacher Torte at $3.75 is actually (I can’t believe I am writing this) a great value considering how involved it is.

I also highly recommend Financier’s version of the Opera (Coffee flavored buttercream, chocolate ganache and chocolate soaked cake with dark chocolate glaze).

Thanks to Midtown Lunch for tipping me off to their new Midtown West location (6th Ave between 47 and 48th).

I was all excited to stop by Almondine in DUMBO on the way home from the Vendy’s and taste one of their famous chocolate chip cookies.  Their cookies are on most people’s short list for best in New York City.  It never occurred to me that 300 food bloggers leaving the Vendy’s would storm the place with the exact same idea.  Never mind that we all just stuffed ourselves with food from 5 carts and 3 dessert trucks, being that close to one of the best chocolate chip cookies was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Anyway, they were totally cleaned out by the time I got there so I had to settle for this thing (no, its not a chocolate macaroon).  Its a flourless chocolate cookie with dark chocolate ganache filling.  Given that it was one of the last items left in the entire case I didn’t expect much. (The kid who gets picked last in softball is usually the worst right?)  Not so with this sweet.  The filling was unusually dark and flavorful.  It had a smooth texture like pudding and wasn’t overly sweet.  It was only $2.50 which is a steal in this city.

Almondine is located here.