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Archive for February, 2011

Old reliable: Gotham bar and grill desserts

Posted by Niko on February 28th, 2011

Without a doubt, one of the best prix fixe lunches in New York City is offered by Gotham Bar and Grill.  Twenty-four bucks gets you two courses plus a $7 supplemental dessert menu.   All the service and quality of a fancy-pants restaurant without the expense (and fuss). (more…)

If you like the great made-to-order plated desserts from DessertTruck Works (and who doesn’t?) you should check out this offer taking place on Wednesdays from Feb. 23 – Mar. 16.

DessertTruck Works will be showcasing Chef Sean Scotese and his latest menu inspired by traditional Chinese street food. The inventive six-course menu includes 3 wines, and desserts crafted by DessertTruck’s Chef Vincent Jaoura.  Go here for more info and a sample menu.  $75 per person, including gratuity.

DessertTruck Works monkey finger macaron


(L) Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer; (R) Chef Sebastien Canonne

KINGS OF PASTRY will be available on DVD February 22.   Included DVD extras: Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer creating a chocolate sculpture, Interview with the filmmakers, and a Chocolate Fashion Show. Order yours here. $20.96.

“Nerve-wracking suspense.” – The New York Times

“Wonderful!” - Ruth Reichl

“A heartbreakingly real documentary” - Dessert Buzz

By guest DessertBuzz columnist Dr. Josh

“I do not think there are laws about nougatine.”

The Kings of Pastry“, a documentary by D.A. Penebaker and Chris Hedgedus focuses on 4 pastry chefs’ voyage to attempt to earn the title ‘MOF’ (Meilleur Ouvrier de France).  MOF is a French National award given to the best craftsman in their respective field, and the highest award for a pastry chef in France (it should be noted that the title MOF is given to masters in crafts as diverse as window making and chocolate making; Pastry is just one such competition albeit perhaps the most prestigious). (more…)

Donatella dark chocolate souffle desserts

As soon as I saw the souffle making it’s way to the table I knew I was going to like it.  I could tell by the color.  It was almost black  instead of the much more common light brown–indicating the use of very dark and bitter chocolate.  A taste confirmed this theory. (more…)

Vegan Divas whoopie pie

I continue to be amazed at how good NYC vegan desserts are these days.  Today I received a vegan chocolate whoopie pie filled with chocolate cream and chocolate chips.  The heart-shaped cake portion of the cookie was very moist and had a great chocolate flavor.  The creme filling was nice and light but was not lacking in cocoa flavor.  Inside the creme were a few small dark chocolate chips. (more…)

Francois Chocolate bar NYC

Francois Chocolate Bar Macaron with cocoa nibs

In my book, more than 7 or 8 distinct comments on one post makes for a true, viral sensation.  I would even call the reaction to my Financier post a genuine kerfuffle.  It’s interesting how much New Yorkers have to say about macarons.  They might just be the next cupcakes. (more…)

Midtown cookie fiends rejoice!  The Dorie Greenspan pop-up cookie bar is back through February 11.  The location is the same, Mizu Salon, 505 Park Avenue between 59 and 60 Streets.  The hours are from 10am until they run out (of cookies).  See last year’s spread here. (more…)