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Archive for April, 2011

Charbonnel et Walker are holders of a royal warrant as manufacturers of chocolates to Her Majesty The Queen and are one of the companies who supply the Queen’s Royal Household.  You can buy this exact box of chocolates at the Charbonnel et Walker cafe on the 8th Floor of Saks 5th Ave. $50.00.  Pretty cool.


Kiwi and a piece of Rhubarb before the soup got poured

Sometimes a dessert is so special that it hits the trifecta.  1) Incorporates fresh fruit that’s in season 2) Uses said fruit in a creative or unique way 3) Looks beautiful on the plate and 4) tastes really good – ok I guess I meant the “Quattro” not the trifecta. (more…)

Pistachio cannoli

UPDATE: 1/1/2011 The Store is closed but this thriving business live son in street fairs and pop-up businesses.

For an excellent dessert that’s both a little different and still somehow very traditional, get yourself down to Artisanal Cannolis.  It isn’t a new operation, they came into commercial being almost 4 years ago after making a splash at the 2008 San Gennaro festival with their pumpkin pie cannoli.  After that success they decided to open a bricks and mortar store in the East Village.

It’s easy to see why their recipe caught on.  Their cannolis aren’t too sweet and the ricotta filling is mild, smooth and creamy–instead of the frosting-like fillings I have had elsewhere.  Since the filling base is mild, it allows their specialty flavors, such as nutella, to shine through.  They source their ricotta locally and seem to be very serious about every ingredient that goes into their cannolis. (more…)

Martine’s chocolates reminds me of the NYC of old

Posted by Niko on April 25th, 2011

MTA approved chocolate metrocard from Martine's

Martine’s Chocolates is proof that a cool small business can still thrive in Manhattan. The tiny shop on East 82 Street features a surprisingly wide array of different types of chocolates and is a great place for chocolate-centric gifts. In addition to house-made truffles and ganaches, Martines also sells highly original molded chocolate art, such as a chocolate Metrocard or Empire State Building. (more…)

More NYC Michelin star desserts: Dovetail

Posted by Niko on April 21st, 2011

Dovetail's baked chocolate tart with pretzels, caramel and beer ice cream

On Sunday we were in the mood for a fine dining experience, but, like many New Yorkers, we can’t just drop $100 per-person whenever we please.  That’s where this recession thing comes in handy.  Even some of the best restaurants in town have special deals to lure more diners when things are slow.

Dovetail's banana bread with spiced walnuts


Gourmet Macaroons: Two choices on the Upper East side

Posted by Niko on April 20th, 2011

Lily Bloom's Kitchen gourmet Chocolate macaroons

A good time to repost this!

One of the few,  real-world benefits to readers of DessertBuzz is that when you get invited to a holiday dinner or birthday party you can bring something that the hosts and attendees will actually appreciate rather than another random bottle of wine which, to me, is the fruit cake of dinner party gifts.  So if you really want to rock your hosts’s world  (I am looking at you boyfriend-who-wants-to-get-in-with-the-girlfriend’s parents) read on.



On April 30th, 2011 from 1 to 4 p.m., at Rogo’s Bar in Hoboken, NJ, 20 bakers will feed a congregation of hungry guests and an exalted panel of Judges at this boisterous, delectable, extraordinary shindig to benefit Autism Speaks.

Winners will be selected in the following categories

* Most Creative
* Best Presentation
* Most Unique Ingredients
* Sexiest Baker
* Best In Show which will be voted on by both the judges and the guests!

100% of the proceeds will go to benefit Autism Speaks


is your strudel the shiz? Brownies the bomb? Cookies the coolest?

Put your baked good where your mouth is at Vicious & Virtuous part deux! Go head to head in a battle for baking dominance. Amateur & Professionals are welcome!

We still have room for entries! To sign up or for more information go here.