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Archive for May, 2011

"Wancko" cookie - peanut butter chocolate chip and pretzel chunks

Of all the gatherings of “gourmet” food carts and street food vendors in Manhattan I think Madison Square Eats has the highest percentage of great vendors.  On the savory side,  there are too many to mention.  Here’s a select few: Calexico Cart, Asia Dog, and Roberta’s (real wood oven) pizzas.  On the sweet side there’s plenty of standouts as well.  Some of my favorite picks are featured below. (more…)

Chocolate souffle from The Four Seasons Restaurant NYC

When I first found out I was going to lunch at the Four Seasons, I was pretty excited but soon realized that despite growing up in New York City, I really knew nothing about this storied institution except that it has very special chain mail window shades.


The Sweetery NYC Truck cranberry scone

The Sweetery NYC Truck might be best known for their cupcakes (perhaps due to all their awesome high profile give aways) –but two of my favorite items  from them are their scones and brioches and it’s time they got some love. (more…)

Sarabeth's excellent Pain Du Matin

I skipped out on a bike race this morning so I decided to use the time slot productively–sampling fresh baked goods and pastry from Chelsea Market.  I don’t usually arrive there early enough to really sample the best that Amy’s Bread and Sarabeth’s Bakery have to offer–so this was a great opportunity.  The “dirty little secret” of bakeries, as Francois Payard once told me, is that you can have the best recipe and best bakers in the world but if  customers don’t consume the goods shortly after their baked–they will always be mediocre. (more…)

Bouchon Bakery Pain Aux Trois chocolate

(Midtown) Thursday, May 12: Bouchon Bakery in Rockefeller Center is now open and Eater NY was there with a sneak preview.  It will be very similar to the bakery in the Time Warner Center.  This DessertBuzz favorite has many superb baked goods including seasonal macarons, high-end “nutter butters” cookies and the Pain Aux Trois (pictured).  It’s not cheap but if you go early and get the goods when their fresh, they are one of the best in NYC.

(Chelsea) Friday, May 13th, 2:30 p.m. in Chelsea Market:  Ever wondered how to turn your foodie obsession into a successful business? Gilt City and The Door Marketing Group will show you how.  Join successful dessert business owner Jon Snyder, Creator of il Laboratorio del Gelato, Daniel Sklaar, Creator and Founder of Fine & Raw Chocolate and Amy Scherber, Founder of Amy’s Breads as well as others.  More info is here.  More events… (more…)

Just received this in the DessertBuzz mailbox.  Kids over 15 years and adults of any age can spend a week in the Windy City this summer and take a really cool five-day, hands-on Pastry Camp course.  They have three different camps listed .  As an added bonus you get a special “pastry Pass” to use after your classes to experience the pastry offerings of Chicago.  Now why didn’t they have these when I was young? (more…)

Peace foods cafe chocolate frosted doughnut

I spotted this new item in the bakery case of Peacefood Cafe on the Upper West Side.  Peacefood has proven themselves over and over when it comes to superb vegan baked goods.  More times than not they are as good, or better than their animal-product counterparts.  These donuts were no exception. (more…)