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Archive for September, 2011

New York Food and Wine Festival - Sweet Event sponsored by Godiva

New York Food and Wine Festival - Sweet Event on September 29th, sponsored by Godiva

I can’t believe how many Dessert Buzz favorites are attending the “Sweet” event at the New York Food and Wine Festival (Tonight!).  It will be a truly awesome event this for any attendee, so grab your tickets asap since this event will sell out. EVENT IS SOLD OUT! Pastry chefs attending the event who have been featured on DessertBuzz  include  Francois Payard (interview) of Francois Chocolate Bar, Gustav Tzoc (interview) of Abe and Arthur’s, Andrea Jarosh of Donatella, Michelle Park of Kyotofu, Karen DeMasco of Locanda Verde, Catrine Oscarson of Mas, Ludovic Augendre and Florian Bellange of Mad Mac, Johnny Iuzzini of Jean Georges, Alison Kave of First Prize Pies and Ron Ben-Israel Cakes,  Details below.

Don't miss Andrea Jarosh's desserts at the New York food and wine sweet event - sponsored by Godiva

Andrea Jarosh's Sfogliatella dessert from Donatella

Karen DeMasco Mini Rhubarb Pie

Mad-Mac's Macarons


David Carmichael of Gilt deconstructed an apple pie

Three of my favorite dishes from the Great Gathering of Chefs event.   From Gilt, David Carmichael’s deconstructed apple pie, from Veritas, Emily Wallendjack‘s salted peanut butter square and from Du Jour Bakery Vera Tong and TJ Obias‘ S’mores cupcake and whoopie pie. (more…)

Ron Ben-Israel a very serious chef.

Sweet Genius on the Food Network staring Chef Ron Ben-Israel: Cross-dressing pie makers from the midwest, female computer voices, giant action buttons and a deadly serious master chef.

Normally, I only write about desserts in New York City restaurants.  However, last week I had the pleasure of meeting New York-based cake master and pastry chef Ron Ben-Israel and then watched his new show on the Food Network, Sweet Genius.  Both meeting the Chef and  watching the show were much more fun than I had expected. (more…)

Upper West Side Momofuku Milk Bar Certified Open

Posted by Niko on September 24th, 2011

The menu for the Upper West Side Milk Bar

Updated: Sunday, September 25, 2011: David Chang’s Upper West Side Momofuku Milk Bar is now open.

As I watched the line grow outside the shop on Sunday morning I had a thought about how much things have changed in NYC over the last 25 years. In the 1980’s (and even into the early 1990’s) they also sold “crack pies” on this corner of West 87th Street, although minus the “pie” part. Now, people line up to pay $5 for a thin slice of dessert or $6 for soft serve made from cereal milk. Crazy.

The sign and the paper menu says “Open Every Day”.  They were serving croissants (pistachio) and cookies (compost, blueberries & cream, cornflake & marshmallow and corn), buns (pork, veggie) soft serve, pies by the slice, etc.  561 Columbus Ave at 87th Street. (more…)

Vegan desserts in New York City

One of my favorite brownies in NYC - Vegan or not

If this is some kind of tipping point for vegan baked goods please remember you heard it here first.  The Gourmet Garage in SOHO is now carrying the Vegan Divas line of high-end vegan desserts.  Initially, they will sell four products: the vegan and gluten-free chocolate mousse, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookie and chocolate brownie.  In my opinion this is their “A-list” and best four products.  The mousse and brownie are great desserts even compared to their full milk and dairy-containing counterparts. (more…)

New York foodies and macarons: A match made in almond flour

Posted by Niko on September 20th, 2011

Bisous Ciao had the NYC macaron crown for almost 2 years

Why is it so important for New Yorkers to know what other people think is “the best”?   With the opening of Laduree in New York City there has been a considerable amount of macaron hype, most of it around how superior their macarons are to everything else. Last week I finally got to try about eight of them (thank you Doctore) and I can safely say they are the best this city has to offer right now.  They feature perfect buttercream, super-soft almond flour cookie shell and insanely strong flavors–despite flying 3600 miles from Paris every day!   (more…)

Cha-An tea house desserts: black sesame creme brulee

Posted by Niko on September 14th, 2011

Cha-An black sesame creme brulee

A little while ago I surveyed a small group of trusted blogger friends and asked them to provide ten don’t-miss-if-you’re-in-New-York desserts.  The guidelines were to exclude pricey “fancy pants” restaurant desserts but to include everything else.  One of the items that came up was Cha-An’s black sesame creme brulee. (more…)