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Archive for December, 2011

A great event and a great charity!

Top 10 Pastry Honoree Francisco Migoya's Black Forest Pop

(Sold Out!) Six of the Country’s Top Pastry Chefs will offer their “Favorite Things” In a special dinner on Monday, January 16, 2012 in Brooklyn.

Net Proceeds to Benefit Share Our Strength (more…)

Nice Matin: Dark chocolate pot au creme (Le legit!)

Posted by Niko on December 27th, 2011

Dark chocolate pot au creme from Nice Matin NYC

I had a very nice dinner, including four excellent savory courses, at Nice Matin on the UWS last week.  Nice Matin might be best known for spawning the Five Napkin Burger franchise, however they also have excellent desserts and even featured a schmancy French Buche De Noel on their special Christmas Menu.   (more…)

Sweet invention: a history of dessert is an excellent and interesting read

New York based food writer Michael Krondl’s Sweet invention: a history of dessert is a fascinating tour of the history of the confectionary arts.  The book explores how sweets have mirrored social, technological and political revolutions throughout history.  Krondl also covers sweet makers from India, the Middle East, Italy, France, Vienna, and the United States and visits key confectioners around the globe.  The book takes the reader right up to the present with coverage of Parisian macarons. (more…)

Great “comfort” desserts in NYC: Locanda Verde

Posted by Niko on December 19th, 2011

Toffee date cake coffee toffee gelato

A few weeks ago one of the members of our small, unofficial, dessert club suggested Locanda Verde for our second outing.  The suggestion was probably the easiest restaurant “sell” in history given that the three of us are such big fans of Karen Demasco’s baker-centric desserts.  I had also been itching to revisit Locanda Verde’s latest dessert menu since seeing Ms. DeMasco at the New York Food and Wine Show “Sweet” event where she brought some cranberry spiced griddle cakes with mascarpone gelato. (more…)

Enhance your coffee or tea experience - with these sugar cubes

How to make coffee, tea or expresso a 4-star experience at your party: The very best restaurants are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves and generally show off their fabulousness. Sometimes, just a small detail, such as serving artisanal decorative sugars with coffee or tea, can make for a memorable visit to a destination restaurant.  Why not employ the same strategy at your holiday party? (more…)

Comptoir du Cacao tastings at Zabars today and Dec 17 & 18th

Posted by Niko on December 11th, 2011

Comptoir Du Cacao is a French family run artisanal chocolate factory.

One of my favorite chocolate offerings from the New York Chocolate Show was from Comptoir du Cacao, a French, family-owned small batch chocolate factory.   The good news is Zabars is going to be carrying their chocolate going forward.  And to kick things off, they are having tastings today (Sunday, Dec 11) and on December 17 and 18th. (more…)

DessertBuzz Holiday Gift Ideas: Books for the foodie

Posted by Niko on December 7th, 2011

A favorite dessert book of 2011 Susan Hochbaum's PastryParis

One of my favorite books of 2011 was NYC-based author Susan Hochbaum’s PastryParis: In Paris Everything Looks like Dessert.  This great book explores, through beautiful images, the connection between the pastries of Paris and Parisian industrial designs.  A perfect gift for any pastry connoisseur or industrial design student. $19.95.  See A Passion for Food for an in-depth review with page shots. (more…)