Dessertbuzz | 2012 New York City Wine and Food Festival Sweet Event sponsored by Godiva


2012 New York City Wine and Food Festival Sweet Event sponsored by Godiva

14 Oct 2012, Posted by Niko in New York Food & Wine Fest.

Friday night was the New York City Wine and Food Festival cupcake-fest “Sweet” event.  This is the only event where you can try desserts from thirty of New York’s top pastry chefs.   Everyone from Le Bernardin to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was there to show off their best “sweet” plates.   I can tell you that there were a lot of cupcakes!  Last year The Doughnut Plant won the fan voting for best of the show with their Creme Brulee doughnut.  This year, Elizabeth Karmel from Hill Country Barbecue Market slayed all with her über-comfort, peanut butter and jelly cupcake.  Read on to see some of our favorite desserts from Sweet.

Dominique Ansel Bakery brought it with a special Mini-me with caramelia chocolate cake, passion fruit gelee and a marzipan birthday candle!

Dominique Ansel Bakery New York, New York
One of my top three favorite desserts of the event was Dominique Ansel Bakery’s special edition “Mini-me” with Valrhona caramelia chocolate cake, passion fruit gelee and a very realistic marzipan birthday candle.   The textures of the passion fruit gelee and cake were a match made in pastry heaven.  It was one of only a few desserts that felt like it came out of a restaurant kitchen teeming with pastry chefs.
Butter Lane Cupcakes New York, New York
Make My Cake New York, New York

"Sweet Genius" Ron Ben-Israel's wedding cake slices

Ron Ben-Israel Ron Ben-Israel Cakes New York,NY  Ron Ben-Israel star of Food Network’s Sweet Genius was on hand to mingle with fans and  serve two different kinds of wedding cakes: an almond cake with mexican “hot chocolate” filling and a chocolate cake with kirsch and cherry pomegranate buttercream.
Rachel Binder Maialino New York, New York

Stephen Collucci's Apple Cider Doughnuts with Calvados ice cream and Horchata shooter

Stephen ColluccColicchio & Sons New York, New York  Stephen Collucci put all kinds of thought into his apple cider doughnuts that were served with a really nice calvados ice ice cream and a shooter of horchata on the side.  Look for a entire book of doughnut recipes from him in the near future.

Elizabeth Falkner's "pac-man" Sicilian slider dessert

Elizabeth Falkner Krescendo New York, New York  One of the most famous chefs at the event was Elizabeth Falkner who will has moved from the left coast and is opening Krescendo in Brooklyn the first week of November.  She  brought what I called the “pac-man” dessert–Sicilian bread with chocolate chip ice cream.

The winning cupcake the PB & J from Elizabeth Karmel from Hill country Barbecue Market

Elizabeth Karmel Hill Country Barbecue Market New York, New York  The winning cupcake from Elizabeth Karmel had a very “airy” feel and taste.  The frosting was very “peanutty”.  Finally, there was a drop of grape jelly to complete the PB & J experience.

Tate's vanilla cookie crumble ice cream from Kathleen King

Kathleen King Tate’s Bake Shop Southampton, New York

Richard Leach's Toasted Rice Ice cream bar

Close-up of the rice crisp ice cream pop

Richard Leach Park Avenue Autumn New York, New York
This was another one of my top three favorite desserts of the evening.  Crunchy rice crisps, that somehow didn’t get soggy and lose their pop, made this ice cream feel like it came from a “fancy-pants” restaurant.   The rice bits also added some texture against the smooth ice cream and tart foam on top.  The chocolate shell surrounding the pop was very thin which showed off the chef’s skills.

Christina Lee Recette New York, New York

Daniellan Louie Ivy Bakery New York, New York

Laurie Jon Moran's spicy cake was a nice change from all the super-sweet stuff around

Laurie Jon Moran Le Bernardin New York, New York
Laurie Jon Moran’s pink peppercorn ice cream sandwich was another plate that departed from most of the other cakes and desserts of the show by not being very sweet.  The perfect “one bite” ice cream sandwich, small enough to pop right in your mouth. As soon as  you  taste this cake the pepper hits you.  The ice cream was surrounded by two salted chocolate cake or cookie pieces. I also liked the ratio of cake to ice cream since it was higher than normal.

Flour-less chocolate cranberry cupcake from George McKirdy

George McKirdy Astor Bake Shop New York, New York  A great blast of chocolate came from George McKirdy’s single bite flour-less cranberry cupcakes.

Stephane Motir's black forest cake with pomegranate Gelee

Stephane Motir Tribeca Grill New York, New York.  All-pro, all the time, Stephane Motir always brings a dessert with a high “wow-factor” to Sweet and this year was no exception.  His black forest cake with pomegranate gelée, a thin chocolate glacage top layer  and  white chocolate twill, looked and tasted beautiful.

Joe Murphy's sticky toffee apple cake with green apple whipped cream

Joe Murphy Jean Georges New York, New York  Joe Murphy broke out a sticky toffee cake with green apple whipped cream.  This dessert really exploited the whole tart-sweet combination to perfection.

Marlo Scott'd cupcakes stand out in city with 10,000 cupcakes

Marlo ScottSweet RevengeNew York, New York

The gloved hand of Doug Quint of Big Gay Ice Cream with one of their push pops.

A very serious Doug Quint holding up one of his push-up pops containing pumpkin ice cream with spiced candy pepitas (pumpkin seeds).

Some of the skinny girls who visited the Big Gay Ice Cream shop freaked me out a little

Ok so Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck had this bucket in front of their table with, what looked like barbie dolls.  In fact, they were off-brand dolls named “Chloe” that cost $1.99 each.  As they pointed out to me their bodies were thin and transparent and their heads were thick and opaque.   What kind of statement were they trying to make?  I’m not sure.   What does this have to do with dessert?  Nothing.

Jamie SudbergBeauty & Essex New York, New York

"Mr. Chocolate" Jacques Torres seemed to be having a good time

Ashton Warren's selection of cupcakes were different from most of the other cupcake offering

Oops a bit out-of-focus but another cupcake from Ashton Warren

Ashton Warren Marc Forgione New York, New York.  Ashton Warren really showed that a good pastry chef can work with cupcakes!  She made at least 5 versions of little one bite cupcakes.  There were two versions of chocolate and two versions of Hummingbird cake.  Some were made in tiny, hand made pie crusts.

Bob Pruitt's Pistachio gelato with lemon confit and biscotti

Bob Truitt Nicoletta New York, New York.  I loved Bob Truitt’s pistachio gelato and lemon confit.  The lemon reminded me of Karen DeMasco’s famous lemon tart.  The gelato was very flavorful  and smooth.

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