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Archive for February, 2012

Two Little Red Hens: Simple and excellent baked goods

Posted by Doctore on February 24th, 2012

Key Lime mini-cupcake

Last weekend I visited Two Little Red Hens for the first time in over a year.  I went with a small group of people who were all connected to food businesses or food-related web sites.  It was late afternoon on Saturday and the line was out the door–much to the dismay of some  local residents. While we were on line we listened to a few tell everyone how indignant they were to have to wait on line for a cupcake.  Nobody in our group seemed to mind the wait.  I think this was because the wait gave us more time to do what we love–talk about food–then eat it! (more…)

Not available in stores: Francisco Migoya's eclair

Eclairs: delicious fancy French pastry or dressed up creme puff?

Eclairs represent an odd segment of the dessert category in the US.  Even though the best ones are coveted by pastry enthusiasts and sold in the fanciest French patisseries, they are also found along with their cousin, the cream puff, in the frozen section in supermarkets and even in Walmart (!) (more…)

Kyotofu: It’s not just for dessert anymore

Posted by Doctore on February 20th, 2012

Sake braised pork belly

Kyotofu has always been a DessertBuzz favorite. They are one of the original dessert-only destinations in NYC–blazing the trail for this category.  Shortly after opening in 2006 they received a major publicity boost from New York Magazine who named their chocolate souffle cupcake the best in New York.  Despite this notoriety, they didn’t rest on their laurels or turn into a one-trick pony cupcake shop.  Instead, they constantly retooled their menu and added new bakery items and desserts year in and year out. (more…)

The beautiful macarons from Laduree

Though DessertBuzz has reviewed many of these macarons before, I thought our readers were entitled to a second opinion–especially when it comes to a topic as contentious as NYC macarons.  Luckily, guest columnist Elle was kind enough to check in with a report.


Spot Dessert Bar's heart shaped macrons

Valentine’s day is around the corner so if you’re feeling the crush of billions of marketing dollars telling you that you must get something red or heart-related for your partner–here are some suggestions. (more…)

Tout Vanille from Francois Payard

Francois Payard’s “Francois Chocolate Bar” still has some of the very best pasty in New York City.  There’s something for everyone in his classic collection of signature pastries–from the exceptional vanilla-centric Tout Vanille to the multi-layer, multi texture, Lourve (a long time DessertBuzz Favorite).


Donatella: not just for pizza!

Last week, I finally got back to Donatella and was joined by Blondie and Team Dessert Hunter’s ™ resident chocolate expert, to try some of their new desserts.  A few weeks ago I posted a video of Donatella’s pastry chef Andrea Jarosh at the 2011 New York Food and Wine Show telling us about her awesome cannoli–but this visit would focus on their tiramisu, cupcakes and awesome chocolate chip cookies.  Prior to the desserts we did have two great pizzas and fried calamari.  For more on the savory side check out Blondie & Brownie or Feisty Foodie. (more…)