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Archive for July, 2012

Tarragon granite? Yes, and it rocked.

This past Friday during my visit to Print I got schooled in the “locavore” movement and farm-to-table restaurants.  The first thing I learned was that when restaurants say they use  “locally sourced ingredients” or claim they serve true “farm-to-table” food, talk is cheap–there’s actually a wide variation in how much food is sourced locally. (more…)

Wave Hill Breads pain au chocolat

When I was visiting Chelsea’s French Triangle Market in search of caneles I also discovered a very good bakery based in Norwalk CT.  Wave Hill Breads had a selection of excellent tasting artisanal breads as well as a few pastries.  I tried their Pain Au Chocolat and thought it was excellent–not too buttery and with a nice high quality chocolate inside.  Check their website to see what NYC markets they will be attending. (more…)

Jacques Torres’ “Mad Mac” Caneles

Posted by Niko on July 11th, 2012

at $2.00 each these caneles go well with Jacques Torres ice cream or a frozen hot chocolate

Since I’ve gone crazy for caneles recently,  I thought it was worth noting that Jacques Torres’ Hudson Street store had a display of caneles on sale a few weeks ago.  I asked if they were made by the only MOF pastry chef in New York–Jacques Torres.  Surprisingly,  I was told they were not made by Torres but by Florian Bellanger from Cupcake Wars and  MadMac macarons. (more…)

Orange Canele

For the last few months I’ve been keeping tabs on all the Manhattan bakeries that sell caneles.  This spring I became a bit obsessed with the little French pastry from Bordeaux.  Then, I received a timely tip that Canele by Celine was offering multiple flavors of her canele at the Spresso Bar of the Sanctuary Hotel.  Unfortunately, I was too slow as that Bar closed before this slow moving blogger was able to respond.   Then, I heard Celine would be selling her wares at Chelsea Market and after that at the new Chelsea Triangle French Market (right outside of Chelsea Market), and that’s where I finally caught up with Celines canele (although I still haven’t met Celine herself). (more…)

Rainbow cookie gelato sandwich filled with house-made vanilla gelato

I usually hate getting scooped.  But in this case it meant big-time publicity for a pastry chef I admire, Andrea Jarosh at Donatella. And, it made for a good pun since the item I was “scooped” on was an ice cream sandwich. (more…)