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Archive for September, 2012

William Greenberg Desserts UES still as popular as ever

Posted by Niko on September 26th, 2012

Hamentashen - still very popular even though they are out of season

I visited William Greenberg Desserts last week and I have to report that this bakery, open since 1942, is still as popular as ever.  It’s one of the few places I have visited that really feels like an old fashioned neighborhood bakery.   In the short time I was there, the super-friendly staff greeted a number of moms and their small children by name.  There were also older, neighborhood  regulars too.  I got the feeling some had been coming here for their favorite comfort baked good for many years.  It was a huge contrast to the feeling I get from in the bigger chains like Crumbs.  That experience is more like fast food–a bit cold.  Like nearby Martines Chocolates–William Greenberg gave off a very warm vibe and reminded me of the New York City I grew up in. (more…)

Dominique Ansel is just one of the NYC-based chefs holding workshops at this year's StarChefs ICC event

I can’t believe how many of our favorite pasty chefs will be presenting at the at the 7th Annual International Chefs Congress.  What a great opportunity to see some of the top pastry chefs in action and participate in their workshops.  This year’s event is again at the Armory and will run from Sunday, September 30-Tuesday, October 2.  See below for a special discount ticket offer to the pastry competition.   Read on to see who will be at this year’s event!

Domnique Ansel will lead a workshop on the secrets of laminated dough.  More from Dominique Ansel on DessertBuzz is here.

One of Shawn Gawle's desserts from Corton. You can learn all about marshmallows from him next weekend

Shawn Gawle (recently featured on DessertBuzz) will lead a session on modernizing the marshmallow.  More from Shawn Gawle on Dessertbuzz here. (more…)

Each doughnut is hand-blowtorched

The Doughnut Plant creme brulee doughnut

Last October the Doughnut Plant stole the show at the New York Food and Wine “Sweet” event.  They brought a selection of doughnuts, including a delicious jelly doughnut, but their creme brulee doughnut, which was hand-blow-torched on the spot was the hit of the show and netted them the prize for best dessert at the 2011 Sweet event.  Tickets for the 2012 event–where you can try desserts from Dominique Ansel, Joe Murphy of Jean Georges, Elizabeth Falkner and many others are still available. (more…)

Empire Cake in Chelsea: Simple, fresh and very good

Posted by Niko on September 19th, 2012

A few months ago when I was visiting Chelsea, the neighborhood I grew up in, I stopped into Empire Cake.  I had been curious about this place for a while but thought it was just another cupcake place that had recently sprouted up (like a mushroom after a heavy rain).  I came to realize that that assumption was way off the mark.  In fact, the more things I tried at Empire Cake–the more impressed I became.  It turns out that this place has what I jokingly call a “serious commitment to excellence”. (more…)

2012 Vendy Awards dessert category: Melt Bakery wins it!

Posted by Niko on September 17th, 2012

Melt Bakery the 2012 Vendy Awards Dessert winner

Saturday was the 8th annual Vendy Awards on Govenor’s Island and Piaztlan Authentic Mexican won the coveted (savory-centric) Vendy Cup.  However, I was happy to see Melt Bakery finally take home the best dessert vendor prize.  It was a beautiful day for the event–sunny, but not too warm–perfect for stuffing yourself silly for 5 hours! (more…)

Cookshop: Killer baked goods, great plated desserts & Sundaes

Posted by Niko on September 12th, 2012

CookShop's fantastic desserts

Recently, some friends of DessertBuzz visited Cookshop for brunch on the day of their wedding anniversary (they are long time fans of Cookshop) and Cookshop really set them up right.  Pictured is the caramel corn sundae (corn ice cream, caramel corn, honey caramel and salted whipped cream) watermelon salad (fresh melon, assorted melon balls, watermelon granita and basil ice milk) and plum galette with almond cake, toasted almonds and cinnamon ice cream.  According to my friends the caramel corn Sundae was particularly fantastic with all the components complimenting each other.   Read more on Cookshop… (more…)

Lemon bread pudding

I visited Red Rooster for dinner for the first time last week and as a bonus got to try one of Deborah Racicot’s fantastic desserts–a lemon bread pudding with a really “lemony” curd (or gel) on the side.   Racicot spent 10 years as the Executive Pastry Chef at Gotham Bar and Grill before coming to Red Rooster this spring.  She is recognized as one of New York City’s top pastry chefs. (more…)