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Archive for December, 2012

DB Bistro Moderne Pastry Chef Ashley Brauze with a Terrarium style dessert #1 concord grape sorbet, sliced grapes, cotton candy

I was on a bike ride a few weeks ago when another rider in the pack, who I am Facebook friends with, said “who made those desserts you posted the other day–you know, the ones that look like miniature terrariums with all kinds of stuff going on inside with all the colors, and was that cotton candy on top? Those were really cool–what restaurant was that from? (more…)

This is a book for someone who just wants to make awesome cookies

I already gave my recommendation for the top gift book of 2012 for the serious home baker or pro-chef, Francisco Migoya’s, Elements of Dessert (reviewed last week).  Today, I am recommending Nancy Baggett’s Simply Sensational Cookies–the perfect book for the casual home baker who wants to go beyond basic cookie recipes.  It shares some of the characteristics that I like about Elements of Dessert in that it’s really part coffee table book and part cookbook.  The photos and quality of the pages are also a step above the average cookbook.  There are over 200 cookie recipes, including macarons, flour-less chocolate cookies and no-bake treats.  Lastly, Nancy Baggett equals credibility when it comes to cookies and cookbooks in general so you know the recipes will be solid. (more…)

Without a doubt, the must-have gift for the serious baker, professional or aspiring pro-pastry chef on your holiday list is Francisco Migoya’s Elements of Dessert.  How can I say that with such confidence?  Two reasons: 1) Having seen the way other accomplished pastry chefs interact with Francisco Migoya at different industry events over the last three years, such as StarChefs and Top 10 Pastry Chef Awards–Migoya is clearly someone they admire and respect.  And 2) Because none other than Michael Laiskonis, Creative Director of the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) and generally regarded as one of the top pastry chefs in the US  told me

“Francisco Migoya is probaby the most important pastry chef in America right now”– high praise indeed! (more…)

Dominique Ansel Bakery is just one of the many bakeries to donate pastry for the sale this weekend

Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood was one of those particularly hard-hit by the storm. Among the many businesses ravaged in the historic tempest was Pastry Chef Hervé Poussot’s Almondine Bakery, a local favorite destination for authentic French pastries. Among its many kudos, it has been voted Best NYC Bakery, Best NYC Baguette, and Best NYC Croissant. Due to the loss and damage, Almondine is struggling to stay afloat. (more…)

New York City's Hot Cocoa Activity Guide

The last few days in New York City have been gloomy, wet and cold.  The only upside to this weather is that it’s great for drinking hot chocolate.   You can drink it in the comfort of your own home (see Cisse Trading Co.) or by adventuring out onto the streets of New York (Hot Cocoa Activity Guide).  Or maybe you just want to read up and visit one or two of the best cocoas you can find (Dessertbuzz’ own list).  Whatever your preference, there’s a lot of New York City hot chocolate news to catch you  up on.  I don’t even know where to start.

Everybody loves a freebie, so let’s start with Scharffen Berger’s Thursday event at the Chelsea Triangle featuring free hot chocolate, brownies and tiny chocolate squares. (more…)

Rainy Sunday night stop at Bosie Tea Parlour: Lemon Tart

Posted by Niko on December 10th, 2012

A fantastic lemon tart from Bosie Tea Parlour

I was with some friends from out of town last night.  They had been out drinking for two nights in a row and after dinner they wanted to know where they could go for some (recovery) tea.  I told them I knew a place but they would have to eat some excellent French pastry in addition to the tea.  They were game–so off to Bosie Tea Parlour we went.


Speckled Strawberry mini-doughnut from the doughnuttery

First there were cupcakes, then macarons. Of course both of these “fads” ended up not being fads at all but new food categories in New York with legitimate staying power.  During this time, the Doughnut Plant opened a new location in the heart of Chelsea and took top honors by attendees of the 2011 New York Food and Wine Sweet event, beating out a half-dozen cupcakes and a host of NYC’s top pastry chefs.   All this just confirms what we many entrepreneurs already know–New York is a city in love with food like no other.  And there is always room for the next great idea.  Enter Doughnuttery. (more…)