Dessertbuzz | A cool bakery in Midtown? Ma Peche’s Milk Bar – malt truffle cake balls and corn cookie


A cool bakery in Midtown? Ma Peche’s Milk Bar – malt truffle cake balls and corn cookie

02 Nov 2010, Posted by Niko in Ma Peche, Momofuku Milk Bar

The Corn cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar at Ma Peche

I finally had dinner at Momofuku’s Ma Peche in midtown last Friday.  The dinner and savory was (mostly) excellent but all I could think about during the meal is what I was going to order at the Milk Bar.  There are so many options at the Milk Bar and so many ways to mix and match it’s worth spending a good part of your dinner discussing the options.

I decided to go with one new item and one old standby.  I also got a sample of some absolutely awesome “cereal milk” flavored soft serve ice cream (yes, it really tasted like cereal milk!).

Malt truffle cake balls from Ma Peche

The chocolate malt cake truffles are somewhere between an off-the-hook brownie made with really good chocolate; a mousse; and a solid chocolate ganache.  The truffles were just so fresh and moist.  But unlike say a brownie, it didn’t seem like the moistness was just coming from a half a stick of butter.  They have other flavors as well : banana cake, chocolate chip cake and birthday cake.

Malt cake truffle balls from momofuku milk bar NYC

The Corn cookie has been around for a while and Mrs. DessertBuzz describes them as the best part (the top) of a really great corn muffin.  I agree with that description but I’ll add that it’s also sweeter than a typical corn muffin without being to sweet (the sugar crystals don’t make your teeth hurt.  Get one you won’t be sorry.

The $3.oo for the Cake truffles is a bit steep but think of them more as special dessert than a bakery item.  The Cookies at $1.85 are still some mighty good eating for that price.

Recommended: Milk bar chocolate malt cake truffle and corn cookie

Milk Bar (midtown) is located at 15 W. 56th St. btw 5th+6th Ave.

Their Website is here.

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