Dessertbuzz | An excellent vegan dark chocolate cake from Vegan Divas


An excellent vegan dark chocolate cake from Vegan Divas

14 Jul 2011, Posted by Niko in Vegan, Vegan Divas bakery

Vegan Divas Chocolate Cake from Garden Of Eden

The popularity of vegan desserts and pastry continues to grow as more people begin to focus on the health of the foods they eat. And yet there is still so much resistance to vegan desserts.  Why is that?

There’s actually no reason why a vegan dark chocolate cake can’t taste as good as it’s egg and dairy containing cousin! Here’s the thing– in pastry, fat is king.  It’s one of the most important elements of a successful dessert.  Fat is what delivers the flavor to your tongue and taste buds.  Why do peanut butter, ice cream and croissants taste so damn good? The fat!.

A great alternative to deep-fried cake-style donuts

So, as long as a pastry chef can replace the fat from butter, cream etc. with a healthier non-animal fat, they can create a great tasting dessert.  Easier said than done of course–but when it’s done well, as it is with Vegan Divas or Peace Foods Cafe, you are in for a (healthy) treat.

The Vegan Divas dark chocolate cake is successful because it gives you the same satisfaction as eating a rich, non-vegan cake. Not only that,  but for some reason it doesn’t leave you feeling as full.  I found the dark chocolate cake very rich and chocolaty and the frosting smooth and creamy.  Try one and let me know what you think.

These chocolate cake slices are now available at Garden of Eden markets and Butterfield Market.  See below for more info.

One of the best brownies I have had in NYC - Vegan or not

Recommended: Vegan Divas dark chocolate cake.  Available at Garden of Eden, Butterfield Market and Francois Chocolate Bar in thePlaza.

More DesssertBuzz coverage of the Vegan Divas line is here.

The Vegan Divas Website is here.

Garden of Eden market’s website is here.

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