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Baked Bakery in Red Hook Brooklyn: Popular for good reason

24 Oct 2010, Posted by Niko in Baked Bakery

The Baked bakery Brookie

A few weekends ago the DessertBuzz team braved the labyrinth of MTA service advisories and traveled from the UWS to Red Hook to visit Baked.  (We go the idea after we interviewed Top Chef: Just Desserts contestant and Baked Pastry Chef Eric Wolitzky).

Baked is generally considered one of the finest bakeries in New York City for simple, feel-good items like cupcakes, cookies, brownies and the like.  Baked also seems to have a lot of fun in their kitchen.  They always have a few experimental items on the menu in addition to seasonal offerings.  If you’re looking for a piece of fancy-pants French pastry with a dacquoise layer and 12 other components, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

I brought along a group of 5 friends–a nice mix of foodies and laypeople.

The chocolate Baked Whoopie pie

Chocolate and Pumpkin whoopie pies: The group liked both whoopie pies but felt the pumpkin was not only more flavorful but more moist as well.  This is one of their signature items and you should get at least one if you go.

“whoopie pies are too advanced for the MOF” – Jacques Torres

Baked Pumpkin Whoopie Pie - surprisingly strong pumpkin flavor!

Red Velvet and Salty Sweet cupcakes: So much has been said about the 1500 different purveyors of cupcakes now in this city. But when Serious Eats New York finished their exhaustive roundup of the City’s best – one came out on top of them all: Baked.

The Baked Red Velvet cupcake

The group felt the cake portion of the red velvet cupcake was about as moist as a cupcake can get.  However, a majority said the “salty sweet,” with a injection of caramel chocolate ganache just below the frosting layer, was the best.  Couple the caramel with moist cake and just the right amount of salt on top and you have an unbeatable combination of ingredients!

The Baked salty sweet cupcake

Baked Apple pie squares

Apple Pie square: Everyone liked the brown sugar crumble on top of the apple pie square.  However, next to all the other items made of chocolate, caramel, cream filling and frosting, the fact that there was actual fruit in this dessert made some of the group upset.  Note: this was a special.  I’m not sure if it will be on the permanent menu.

The Baked bakery Brookie

Brookie: When I forced everyone to tell me which item was their favorite if they absolutely had to choose just one,  everyone picked the Brookie.  The Brookie is simple to describe: It’s the love child between a brownie and a chocolate chip cookie.  You wouldn’t think it would work so well by just imagining it – but it does.  You get a little brownie crust (who doesn’t like that) and some soft chewy chocolate chip cookie in the center.  Something about it just works like the famous “hey you got your peanut butter in my chocolate” Reeses peanut butter cups.

The mini-gift shop isn't just for tourists!

Baked has dozens more items on their menu and you really can’t go wrong.   I recommend going with friends and ordering a boatload of stuff to share.

Baked is located in Red Hook Brooklyn for a map and directions go here.

Their website is here.

Go here for an interview with Top Chef: Just Desserts contestant and Baked Pastry Chef Eric Wolitzky).

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    Dessertbuzz gets on the subway!! Ummm, and then the bus!! Good review. Last time I was there I saw the Brookie and thought about getting one but I’d already had 2 things… Next time.

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    I had a line in the article that said ” even the most difficult-to-please food bloggers liked baked” and then had a link to your blog…

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    There goes my rep as a fuzzy, friendly, soft-ball lobbing layperson…..

  • brooklyn cakes bakery

    A must-go for all of those sweet tooth lovers!

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