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Before Momofuku’s Compost – there was Lisa’s kitchen sink

16 Mar 2009, Posted by JK in Lisa's Cookies

I was all set to post about the desserts from my trip to the wine country including Frank Bruni’s spouse favorite Ubuntu, when a giant box landed at my door.  The box which made all of DessertBuzz worldwide headquarters smell like a French bakery at 5:00 a.m. was from Lisa’s Cookies in Warwick, NY.  Lisa earned some serious street cred last summer when her chocolate chip cookies were featured by Florence Fabricant in the NY Times.

First off, lets be real clear.  These are serious cookies.  Great thought must have been put into the flavors and ingredients.  The “Kitchen Sink” cookie makes liberal use of coconut, high end dark chocolate chunks and cranberries.  Though they have an oatmeal base they are really oatmeal cookies for grown-ups.   Slightly crunchy on the outside and highly textured on the inside.  Despite having tasted cookies from all the high-end bakeries in New York this particular cookie is distinctive.  I’d love to know what Lisa thinks of the Milk Bar compost cookie (which I noticed is now trademarked).

In terms of value, Lisa’s cookies offer a shockingly good deal: 7 Large-ish cookies for $7.25.  Shipping will add to that but you could easily swing by Warwick, NY or one of the stores that carries the cookies.  Hopefully, she’ll get a channel for a delivery to NYC one day.

I’ll report on some of the other products from Lisa’s cookies as I get to stuff my face with them.  Including a report from a local cycling team who got their hands on a half-dozen Pecan coconut bars before their first race of the season.

Recommended: Kitchen sink cookies $7.25 + shipping for 7 large-ish cookies

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