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Bisous Ciao: still a DessertBuzz favorite

05 Feb 2013, Posted by Niko in Bisousciao Macarons, Reviews

This is why people like receiving macarons as a gift!

On our recent “best of NYC” dessert crawl one of the places everyone was in agreement on visiting for macarons was Bisous Ciao. This summer they opened up a more accessible (to me at least) location in the Village on Bleecker Street just west of 6th Ave.

Two things that set Bisous apart from the rest of the macaron pack are 1)  their macarons are always fresh and 2) their flavors, both buttercream and ganache, are full and distinct from each other.  Other bakeries often have one or two trademark flavors but the rest taste surprisingly similar!  Their citrus flavors in particular are really in their own class.  When you have  a lemon macaron from Bisous you can really taste the lemon.

A box being prepared

If you need to send a classy gift or “Thank you” as I did recently, they also have beautiful packaging and offer delivery.  My only gripe?  They use silver tongs to handle the macarons.  These look great but inevitably  end up cracking some of the cookies (this happened to mine on this trip).  If ever there was a job made for soft gloved hands [yes, I know very funny] it’s handling delicate macarons.

An (almost) of perfect set

They have also recently started introducing one, very fancy, non-macaron pastry every month. This month is a “heart of framboise” cake.   The description makes it sound like a raspberry brownie cake.  They only make about a dozen (plus, minus) each day so don’t wait until the end of the day if you really have your”heart” set on trying one of these.

Bisous Ciao has two locations: One on 101 Stanton St.  The other on 235 Bleecker St.  Their website is here.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

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