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Blossom Bakery: Vegans get yet another gourmet option in NYC

12 Mar 2012, Posted by Niko in Blossom Bakery, Reviews, Vegan

Blossom's orange currant scone

Blossom Restaurant (and Cafe Blossom) recently opened up a vegan bakery right next door to their popular take-out shop on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea.  This is pretty big deal.  Besides Baby Cakes, I’m not aware of any other vegan bakeries in NYC that exclusively offer pastry and bakery items.  Peace Foods Cafe and Whole Earth Bakery and a few others, offer lunch and savory items in addition to their vegan bakeries.

Oatmeal harvest cookie

There was a lot to try at Blossom Bakery but since this was only visit number one of many  I decided to start with the basics: a scone, a “harvest” cookie and a chocolate chip cookie.

I was immediately impressed with the orange currant scone.  Not only was it as good as its butter-filled counterpart but I didn’t detect any unusual flavors like those that can sometimes come from coconut or canola oil–two popular fats that are used to replace butter in vegan goods.  The texture was also excellent– crumbly, but well done on the outside.

Linzer tart

At first glance, the harvest cookie looked like an oatmeal cookie where the chef went too far and added too many other seeds, cranberries, etc..  However, after trying it I realized it was soft, chewy and sweet like a non-vegan cookie.  I really enjoyed it but my arteries probably enjoyed it even more since it didn’t have any butter!

An entire pastry case of excellent baked goods with no butter, eggs, milk or cream!

Finally, I’m happy to report that their chocolate chip cookie–the true litmus test for any bakery –was also excellent.  These cookies differ slightly from the chocolate chip cookies that I have been served at the uptown Cafe Blossom on the Upper West Side.  Those cookies were fine but I always felt they suffered from too much oil (not sure what kind they used).  It made them moist but at the expense of flavor.  On the other hand, these cookies had all the characteristics of  a good chocolate chip cookie and none of the weaknesses.  Golden brown on the outside and moist on the inside–plus they contained nice, high-quality dark chocolate chips.

A vegan kouginn Amann!?

From what I have tried so far Blossom Bakery offers some great stuff.  I plan to go back soon (before word gets out!) to try some of the more challenging-to-make vegan pastries such as the Kouginn Amann.

Blossom Bakery is located on 174a Ninth Ave.  Their website (as of this writing is not live yet) but their Facebook page is here.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter for updates.   More vegan dessert coverage on DessertBuzz.

  • Eric

    FYI- There is another vegan bakery, Clementine Bakery in Bed-Stuy. They also opened the same day as Blossom.

  • Niko

    Eric, thanks for the tip–I’ll have to check it out!