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Could these be the best croissants and pain au chocolats in New York? Who the hell knows. In my opinion, yes.

The pictures really say more about how good they are than my clunky descriptions ever could. I’ll just add that in comparison to Zabars they more than hold their own.

Zabar’s has two different croissant offerings: One that’s flown in from France every day which has just as good flavor but not the texture of the Bouley Bakery product. The other, which is house made, is also very good but is too soggy with butter for my liking. Only City Bakery comes close with a great texture in a less buttery croissant.

Bouley Bakery is here.  Tomorrow, we talk scones. Blue Ribbon and Bouley scones.

3 Responses to “Bouley Bakery: Could these be the best croissants and pain au chocolats in New York?”

Nope — Petrossian’s has the best croissants in the city (as long as you get there before noon so they’re still fresh) :). Also see Almondine and Tarallucci e Vino. Though Bouley is definitely a worthy contender as well.

AA, yes all that you list are A+ especially Almondine. When I interviewed Payard last week he even mentioned Almondine as having excellent croissants.. hopefully Payard will be back up and running soon! I’ll try and hot Taralluci thanks for the comment!

I was actually pretty disappointed with Bouley’s chocolate croissant. It was flaky on the outside but not fluffy enough on the inside. Also, they kind of skimped on the chocolate.

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