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Bread Alone: Green Markets aren’t just for Vegetables!

08 Jul 2009, Posted by Niko in Bread Alone, Green market

If you go early this is a superb cookie

Green markets in NYC seem to be cropping up all over the place these days.  If there’s an unused sliver of land and some shade chances are a green market will follow.  This is a good thing.  Often, the bakery items from these markets can be excellent if you know what vendors to hit and you go early when the goods are fresh.

One of my favorite green market bakeries is Bread Alone.  They hail from the Catskills where people have enough time to get up at 3:00 a.m. and make really good bread.  Their whole wheat sourdough kills when toasted and though it costs $5 it’s a monster sized loaf.

Their cookies are also superb and usually very fresh. The oatmeal chocolate chip I had must have been baked about 2-3 hours before I purchased it.  It had great tasting dark chocolate and a nice texture.  The flavor was similar to a standard chocolate chip cookie.  You didn’t feel like you were sticking your head in a feedbag filled with oats.  The chocolate chocolate chip and peanut butter is also very good.  Here’s a listing of Bread Alone stalls at NYC greenmarkets.  I have also hit the farmer’s market in Piermont, NY for a cookie or scone to fuel the 20 mile bicycle ride back to NYC.

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