Dessertbuzz | Breaking the barrier: Vegan Divas now at Gourmet Garage in SOHO


Breaking the barrier: Vegan Divas now at Gourmet Garage in SOHO

21 Sep 2011, Posted by Niko in Peacefood Cafe, Vegan, Vegan Divas bakery
Vegan desserts in New York City

One of my favorite brownies in NYC - Vegan or not

If this is some kind of tipping point for vegan baked goods please remember you heard it here first.  The Gourmet Garage in SOHO is now carrying the Vegan Divas line of high-end vegan desserts.  Initially, they will sell four products: the vegan and gluten-free chocolate mousse, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookie and chocolate brownie.  In my opinion this is their “A-list” and best four products.  The mousse and brownie are great desserts even compared to their full milk and dairy-containing counterparts.

Vegan carrot cake from Vegan Divas in NYC

The Gourmet Garage is located at 453 Broome St. (@ Mercer).  The Vegan Divas website is here.  Past coverage of the Vegan Divas on DessertBuzz is here.  If you’re looking for great vegan baked goods uptown try PeaceFoods Cafe.

Peace foods cafe vegan chocolate frosted doughnut

  • Blueberry

    I’d surely love that Vegan Carrot cake, with a good cup of Americano.Now, I’m really curious about Vegan Divas!