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Brooklyn Desserts: In search of bad arsed bread pudding

27 Jun 2007, Posted by JK in Blue Ribbon Brasserie, Uncategorized

A friend of mine is married to a woman who always cooks really unbelievable meals. The meals often have 6 or more courses or involve advanced cooking procedures like “reductions” whatever those are. Over the years, stories about her meals have attained near mythic status: “Remember the time in 2000 when she made 12 different plated desserts after serving a 5-course meal?”  The point is, her food “street cred” is as good as Warren Buffet’s financial advice.

So I had to take notice when she told me about Blue Ribbon Brasserie’s Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. She said it was a category killer.

If you like to eat good food and you live in New York and have never been to any of the Blue Ribbon restaurants – you must be either unemployed, or a shut-in, or both. You could easily live off the contents of their menus for the rest of your life. The ingredients of chocolate chip bread pudding lend themselves to success.  You might ask  “how could eggs, bread, butter, sugar and chocolate really be bad?” Well, for one thing one can easily make it too sweet or add too much butter – making the pudding look like some 10,000 calorie, Cinnabon airport special. The quality of ingredients is also a factor and here is where Blue Ribbon shines. Dark chocolate surrounds Blue Ribbon’s homemade bread which is crispy and delicious. Multiple textures of hot chocolate, crispy toasted bread and ice cream combine to make this an outstanding creation. Is it worth making a special trip for? Yes. Have one at the bar.

. . Unfortunately, the other dessert we ordered, the Bruno, was a disappointment on the night we visited. My guests said that it was an off night for the Bruno as it used to be part of their regular order prior to discovering the pudding. I tend to believe them as many people have referred to it on the web. It looked great when it came to the table but the cold served chocolate cake lacked a deep chocolate flavor.

Savory note: The food at Blue Ribbon was all outstanding from the bread to the appetizers to the main courses.

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Map to Blue Ribbon Brasserie in Brooklyn

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