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Archive for the 'Bee Desserts' Category

If you are sick of cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and your usual chocolate fix, I recommend you check out Bee Desserts.    They have an unusual menu of both savory and sweet offerings.

The main reason to visit Bee Desserts is to try their signature honey cakes.  These cakes really hit the trifecta.  They are novel, delicious and very well prepared.    The consistency inside the honey cake is like the amaretto soaked  bottom of a slice of tiramisu.   They are about the size of  a small hockey puck and have a thin layer of artistically embossed dark chocolate that cracks when you cut or bite into it.  If you let them sit for a moment, the inside gets very  soft.   They are available in 4 flavors: original, marshmallow, honey, and Cognac.  The marshmallow was my favorite but the Honey is also very good.

Each cake is wrapped in colored foil and comes in its own box like a hi-end Ding-Dong.  The cakes make excellent gifts at $4.00 each or in boxes of 4.

As for their savory offerings I defer to Serious Eats NY who says their unusual food is worth trying too.  Bee Desserts also has a nice outdoor patio on the backside of the restaurant.  Perfect for an evening dessert and coffee.

Recommended: Marshmallow Honey Cake

Bee Desserts is located at 94 Greenwich Avenue