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Archive for the 'Bespoke Chocolate' Category

Bespoke chocolates strawberry Balsamic

When I reviewed Bond Street Chocolates I said that it reminded me of the NYC I grew up in because they only have one location vs. a whole chain of clones.  I also noted how hard it was to find Bond St. (not being on Bond Street and all).  Well, both of these comments apply to Bespoke as well.  The shop is located on “Extra Place” – on a dead end street, so it really has to be your destination  if you are ever going to try the place.  Finally, just like Bond Street, the staff at Bespoke is super friendly.  Even before I started snapping pictures and threatened to unleash the massive influence of the empire – they were super nice and willing to chat about their chocolates.

Bespoke chocolates pretzel covered sea salt caramel

The specialty of Bespoke is truffles, often with unusual and powerful flavors and unique textures.  The one non-truffle chocolate I tasted was the  hazelnut praline.  It had a great “roasted” flavor to go along with a rich dark chocolate.  I loved that it wasn’t sweet at all.  Imagine the flavor if you mixed Nutella and your favorite dark chocolate and then somehow put them in a toaster.

Single-Estate Colombian dark chocolate truffle

The strawberry balsamic truffle had a very understated strawberry flavor.  It was the opposite of a strawberry flavored Italian ice.  The balsamic reduced the sweetness even further.

Hazelnut Praline

The pretzel sea salt caramel truffle was my favorite.  The simple formula of salty and sweet with a great texture of pretzels simply can’t be beat.  The most successful mainstream example is the chocolate filled pretzel nuggets inside Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream.  Except here the chocolate is handmade and the pretzels are still crunchy.   If you go to Bespoke you would be a fool not to get at least one of these.

Recommended: Pretzel sea salt covered caramel truffle, strawberry balsamic truffle, Single-Estate Colombian dark chocolate truffle and the hazelnut praline chocolate.

The Bespoke web site is here.  Make sure you check the map before you go!
The review of Bond Street Chocolates is here.