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Archive for the 'Bien Cuit Bakery' Category

Bien Cuit Bakery Part II: Damn that’s good bread

Posted by Niko on February 18th, 2013

Perfect crust: Bien Cuit's Rye & Sunflower bread

Two weeks ago I wrote about Bien Cuit’s pastries because I thought they were  the main reason to visit them.  Now that some time has passed I find myself having cravings for their breads–not their sweets.  So I headed back for a third visit with one goal in mind: try more of their breads.  They did not disappoint!   As luck would have it owner/baker Zack Golper was there and took some time to chat with us. (more…)

A twice-baked (with brandy the 2nd time) chocolate almond croissant

Whenever I find myself back in the neighborhoods where I grew up, Chelsea and the West Village, I often feel like they’ve lost a lot of their character.  I know this is not an original thought.  In the Village, where I would hang every day after school since that’s where my friends all lived, the cobblestoned streets, artists’ studios and coffee shops are nearly extinct.  In their place are banks, Duane Reades and big shiny glass-encased condos.

I know this kind of change is inevitable but in my most cynical moments, I fear there will never be another new small, independent business here.  That’s why I’m always excited to see a cool shop like Bien Cuit’s new Christopher St. location.  The fact that it’s a bakery makes it even better. (more…)