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Archive for the 'Bosie Tea Parlor' Category

Dominique Ansel Bakery is just one of the many bakeries to donate pastry for the sale this weekend

Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood was one of those particularly hard-hit by the storm. Among the many businesses ravaged in the historic tempest was Pastry Chef Hervé Poussot’s Almondine Bakery, a local favorite destination for authentic French pastries. Among its many kudos, it has been voted Best NYC Bakery, Best NYC Baguette, and Best NYC Croissant. Due to the loss and damage, Almondine is struggling to stay afloat. (more…)

Rainy Sunday night stop at Bosie Tea Parlour: Lemon Tart

Posted by Niko on December 10th, 2012

A fantastic lemon tart from Bosie Tea Parlour

I was with some friends from out of town last night.  They had been out drinking for two nights in a row and after dinner they wanted to know where they could go for some (recovery) tea.  I told them I knew a place but they would have to eat some excellent French pastry in addition to the tea.  They were game–so off to Bosie Tea Parlour we went.


More from Bosie Tea Parlor

Posted by Niko on October 10th, 2012

"Eclipse" cake from Bosie Tea Parlor - Dark chocolate cookie with fluer de sel, caramel ganache, dark chocolate sabayon

A few weeks ago I ran a post with some of the great pastry from Damien Herrgott at Bosie Tea Parlor.  Since then I’ve had the opportunity to try a number of other items including “Eclipse”– made with a dark chocolate cookie, fluer de sel, caramel ganache and dark chocolate sabayon.  Worth every bit of the $6.00.  Read more… (more…)

Macarons from Bosie Damien Hergatt of the tea Parlor

I visited the Bosie Tea Parlor last week to see what Top 10 Pastry Chef honoree Damien Hergott was up to and was reminded again just how good this guy is.  Bosie  only keeps a small stock of pastry on hand but each and every creation is absolutely perfect down the to smallest detail.  I had a two scones (a chocolate and a blueberry) and two fantastic canele that were still warm at 10:00 a.m. when I arrived.  I’ll have to go back with some hungry friends and try some of his more involved desserts.  Continue for more pictures. (more…)