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Archive for the 'Cookshop' Category

New desserts from Chelsea’s Cookshop

Posted by Niko on October 16th, 2012

Cookies! Peanut butter and Chocolate chip

I stopped by Cookshop for lunch last Friday with a special “guest reviewer” who has some unique qualifications that I don’t possess.  One credential is that his parents owned a restaurant.  And when he was a teenager, he worked there.  The second credential is that he has 35 years on me!  Anyway, he had a lot to say about the coffee (“one of the best cups in the city”) and the desserts (“I really liked the chocolate cake!”).

Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies: You’re not going to find a better chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie in NYC–Dorie Greenspan and Levain, watch yer backs! (more…)

Cookshop: Killer baked goods, great plated desserts & Sundaes

Posted by Niko on September 12th, 2012

CookShop's fantastic desserts

Recently, some friends of DessertBuzz visited Cookshop for brunch on the day of their wedding anniversary (they are long time fans of Cookshop) and Cookshop really set them up right.  Pictured is the caramel corn sundae (corn ice cream, caramel corn, honey caramel and salted whipped cream) watermelon salad (fresh melon, assorted melon balls, watermelon granita and basil ice milk) and plum galette with almond cake, toasted almonds and cinnamon ice cream.  According to my friends the caramel corn Sundae was particularly fantastic with all the components complimenting each other.   Read more on Cookshop… (more…)

Bacon cheddar croissant

Two weeks ago, the popular chelsea restaurant Cookshop started a morning coffebar and bakery service featuring sweet and savory items created by their celebrated, in-house pastry chef Amanda Cook.  Cookshop is already a wildly popular dinner and brunch destination–on one Saturday afternoon visit I could barely get through the sea of people waiting for a table.  With such a huge following I wonder if a full-blown bakery is in the cards down the road. Maybe this coffeebar is way to test the waters? (more…)