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Archive for the 'Craft' Category

I have been meaning to get down to Locanda Verde to try some of their baked goods (ok, so it took nearly a year, I’m slow).  The restaurant itself as well as the bakery has received raves from all over the place.   Sometimes this can lead to a let down but not in this case.

Both the lemon rosemary scone and the nutella cookie were first rate.  And for a scone bought at 1:30 p.m. to still be really good after sitting around for half a day means that if I had tried it at 8:00 a.m. it would have been totally off-the-hook.  You could taste both the rosemary and the lemon but what makes this scone so good is the texture, like a slightly less buttery biscuit.

The nutella cookie reminded me of the Bouchon Nutter butter in that the filling is even better that you can imagine.  The cookies surrounding the filling are crumbly, textured and delicious.

The woman in charge of Locanda Verde’s bakery counter is Karen DeMasco from Craft.   She is also the pastry chef.  Grub Street had a cool chart of what was on the marble bakery counter last June.

Recommended: Lemon rosemary scone and nutella cookie

Locanda Verde is  located at 377 Greenwich Street (off North Moore St.)

Craft chocolate soufflé

Posted by JK on July 1st, 2007

I finally got to Craft, the real deal. The chocolate souffle lived up to expectations and set a new standard. I will forever look at other souffles through Craft colored glasses.

Served scalding hot in its own copper kettle pot this souffle packed rich deep dark chocolate flavor.

The pre-deflated un-punctured chocolate souffle. It seemed a shame to put a hole in this piece of art.

Recommended: Souffle

Craft is located at 43 East 19 St. Their website is here.