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Archive for the 'Cupcake Stop' Category

Cupcake Stop Truck busts out some pretty good cookies

Posted by Niko on October 26th, 2010

Cupcake Stop chocolate chocolate chip cookies

Not content to dominate the ultra-competitive world of New York City cupcakes, the Cupcake Stop Truck now offers (at least) three different kinds of cookies.  I tried the chocolate, chocolate chip this past Sunday on the way back from Two Little Red Hens (review coming soon) on the Upper East Side. (more…)



Cupcake Stop

This Saturday the Cupcake Stop Truck will be in front of the new Victoria’s Secret Pink  store in SOHO giving out pink cupcakes.  Not sure how many but free cupcakes is free cupcakes is free cupcakes right?  The store is at 565 Broadway in Soho and the event will last from 9:00a.m. -2:30p.m.

5 W. 19TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10011
T: 212-929-2323 F: 212-929-3111

Custom” Chocolate Wine & Spirit Tasting at Bottle Rocket Wine and Spirit
Saturday, March 13 from 3-6 PM
Free. No Reservations Required

Bottlerocket is pairing up with chocri, a German chocolate maker launching in the U.S. to bring you an adventurous treat. From their website, chocri lets you choose a base chocolate, then add from over 100 toppings. The bars are handmade in Germany and are shipped to your home.

Bottlerockers tried their hand and created five custom chocolate bars for you and will pair them with perfect wines and spirits. Come try a mint, basil and pistachio dark chocolate bar paired with an herbaceous cabernet sauvignon. Or try our daring bacon and pretzel creation with a sip of bourbon! Fun for all, and free for all!

Cupcake Stop Elvis cupcake - I think they will be serving pink ones tomorrow though