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Archive for the 'Dessert films' Category

(L) Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer; (R) Chef Sebastien Canonne

KINGS OF PASTRY will be available on DVD February 22.   Included DVD extras: Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer creating a chocolate sculpture, Interview with the filmmakers, and a Chocolate Fashion Show. Order yours here. $20.96.

“Nerve-wracking suspense.” – The New York Times

“Wonderful!” - Ruth Reichl

“A heartbreakingly real documentary” - Dessert Buzz

By guest DessertBuzz columnist Dr. Josh

“I do not think there are laws about nougatine.”

The Kings of Pastry“, a documentary by D.A. Penebaker and Chris Hedgedus focuses on 4 pastry chefs’ voyage to attempt to earn the title ‘MOF’ (Meilleur Ouvrier de France).  MOF is a French National award given to the best craftsman in their respective field, and the highest award for a pastry chef in France (it should be noted that the title MOF is given to masters in crafts as diverse as window making and chocolate making; Pastry is just one such competition albeit perhaps the most prestigious). (more…)