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Archive for the 'Dessert Truck Works' Category

I have found that New Yorkers are particular about their hot chocolate.  Usually, they fall in one of two camps:

1) The hot-chocolate-as-dessert camp.  These people believe that no hot chocolate is too thick or too sludge-like.  They’re happy if a plastic spoon can be stood on end, supported only by the pudding-like contents.  They view hot chooclate as a meal.

2) The hot-chocolate-is-a-drink-like-coffee camp.  These people are no less fussy about quality, percent cacao, etc. but they believe that you should be able to drink hot chocolate easily in any situation where you would drink coffee or tea.  If they get a cup of hot chocolate and notice that it spills easily they are happy.  (more…)

Bisous Ciao had the NYC macaron crown for almost 2 years

I updated this post because I received a very comprehensive comment from a reader about NYC macarons.

Reader “Elle”: (more…)

New York foodies and macarons: A match made in almond flour

Posted by Niko on September 20th, 2011

Bisous Ciao had the NYC macaron crown for almost 2 years

Why is it so important for New Yorkers to know what other people think is “the best”?   With the opening of Laduree in New York City there has been a considerable amount of macaron hype, most of it around how superior their macarons are to everything else. Last week I finally got to try about eight of them (thank you Doctore) and I can safely say they are the best this city has to offer right now.  They feature perfect buttercream, super-soft almond flour cookie shell and insanely strong flavors–despite flying 3600 miles from Paris every day!   (more…)

More macaron day NYC coverage: DessertTruck Works

Posted by Niko on March 21st, 2011

Classic pasty creme with hazelnut and a hint of Meyer Lemon

On Saturday, the day before the freebie-fest that is Macaron Day NYC, I checked out Bisousciao and also stopped into DessertTruck Works to see what kind of treats they had in store for the big event.  They were selling their s’mores flavor along with a new macaron that featured hazelnut pasty creme and a hint of Meyer lemon inside.  I also checked out the dark chocolate as my baseline for the day.  As usual, their slightly oversized Macarons sold for $2.00 each. (more…)

Bisousciao has great macarons-possibly the best in NYC!

Posted by Niko on March 21st, 2011

Are these the best macarons in New York? Yes.

Yesterday was Macaron day in NYC and  by all accounts it was a huge success.   For me, it was an excuse to visit Bisousciao, a shop that commenters had been screaming at me to review for weeks.  I visited them on Saturday, the day before the freebie crush. (more…)

If you like the great made-to-order plated desserts from DessertTruck Works (and who doesn’t?) you should check out this offer taking place on Wednesdays from Feb. 23 – Mar. 16.

DessertTruck Works will be showcasing Chef Sean Scotese and his latest menu inspired by traditional Chinese street food. The inventive six-course menu includes 3 wines, and desserts crafted by DessertTruck’s Chef Vincent Jaoura.  Go here for more info and a sample menu.  $75 per person, including gratuity.

DessertTruck Works monkey finger macaron


This is cool - even if you don't celebrate the holiday with the Pine Tree

In defense of the War on Christmas, Dessert Truck Works has  cool Christmas tree shaped macarons for $2.50 each.  That’s roughly twice the macaron for the fairly standard NYC price.  Only available from the store on Clinton St. right now.  Go here for recent recommendations from Dessert Truck Works.  Next year I’d like to see a Menorah Macaron (that has a nice ring to it!) (more…)