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Archive for the 'Desserts outside New York' Category

This post was originally from January 6, 2010 but after seeing this great post about Paris bakeries and sweets by Jessie Olsen of Cakespy via SeriousEats I had to repost this along with a link to her great Paris sweets post.

If you love pastry, especially extra-fancy pastry that resemble fine art then you should check out the mouth-watering new coffee table book, Paris Patisserie.  The book is equal parts history lesson, cookbook and Paris guidebook.

One of the best coffee table books about Paris Pastry

The book offers a brief history of pastries in Paris from simple baked items such as croissants to highly evolved, multi-step creations such as Operas.  The book also offers recipes and descriptions of the signature creations from 20 of the best pastry chefs in Paris.  And finally, the most fantasy-provoking part of the book: a guide to the best Paris patisseries with descriptions and locations.  A lover of sweets could easily plan a trip around this part of the book.

Worth a trip accross the pond

The book is worth it for the beautiful photographs alone.  Check it out at Rizzoli and see for yourself.

If you dig this book don’t forget to check out this post from last year about how Paris pastry influenced Paris architecture

Decide for yourself and check it out here or click on the link text below.