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Archive for the 'Excellent dessert values' Category

Ok, so you have been invited to a dinner party and the classy thing to do would be to bring something.  A bottle of wine would usually be your “go to” gift in this situation. But let’s face it, as nice as wine is, it’s not usually very memorable.  And if it’s not as good the host’s wine it might just get put away and forgotten (you probably know where I am going with this).

Now if you bring a dessert, especially something cool looking or unusual, not only will it (and you) be remembered, but if you do it right, you are sure to be invited back again and again.  The only downside is that you will face ever-increasing dessert expectations that you will have to keep topping,  which could get expensive real fast.

Which brings me to today’s recommendation: The humble, Fairway 8” Chocolate Tart.  For $6.99.  Although nobody will ever confuse this tart with one from Bouchon it is a very solid dessert.  If you factor in the price, it’s one of the best dessert values in town.  It has a nice chocolate flavor and an excellent,  fresh crust.  A bit on the sweet side for me personally but most of the guests at a big party I brought one to  really had nice things to say about it.

Recommended: Fairway 8” chocolate tart $6.99