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Archive for the 'Jacques Torres' Category

Jacques Torres’ “Mad Mac” Caneles

Posted by Niko on July 11th, 2012

at $2.00 each these caneles go well with Jacques Torres ice cream or a frozen hot chocolate

Since I’ve gone crazy for caneles recently,  I thought it was worth noting that Jacques Torres’ Hudson Street store had a display of caneles on sale a few weeks ago.  I asked if they were made by the only MOF pastry chef in New York–Jacques Torres.  Surprisingly,  I was told they were not made by Torres but by Florian Bellanger from Cupcake Wars and  MadMac macarons. (more…)

Rainbow cookie gelato sandwich filled with house-made vanilla gelato

I usually hate getting scooped.  But in this case it meant big-time publicity for a pastry chef I admire, Andrea Jarosh at Donatella. And, it made for a good pun since the item I was “scooped” on was an ice cream sandwich. (more…)

The Levain chocolate chip cookie: The choice of top pastry chefs

Over the years I have found that New Yorkers have strong opinions about their favorite chocolate chip cookie.  I think this is because our personal cookie style and texture preference is solidified during childhood.  As we age, the emotional connection remains.  And the easiest way to reconnect with your childhood is to experience your favorite cookie.  Or, it could just be people like butter, sugar and chocolate chips!

Recently, I asked some of the best pasty chefs (who aren’t listed on my restraining order), who bakes their favorite chocolate chip cookie?  I expected to get 20 diplomatic  answers of “well–it’s hard to say, ther’re all so good…”  But to my surprise, many  were willing to share their their opinions.  All of these chefs spent some time working in New York kitchens. (more…)

Spot Dessert Bar's heart shaped macrons

Valentine’s day is around the corner so if you’re feeling the crush of billions of marketing dollars telling you that you must get something red or heart-related for your partner–here are some suggestions. (more…)

I have found that New Yorkers are particular about their hot chocolate.  Usually, they fall in one of two camps:

1) The hot-chocolate-as-dessert camp.  These people believe that no hot chocolate is too thick or too sludge-like.  They’re happy if a plastic spoon can be stood on end, supported only by the pudding-like contents.  They view hot chooclate as a meal.

2) The hot-chocolate-is-a-drink-like-coffee camp.  These people are no less fussy about quality, percent cacao, etc. but they believe that you should be able to drink hot chocolate easily in any situation where you would drink coffee or tea.  If they get a cup of hot chocolate and notice that it spills easily they are happy.  (more…)

Enhance your coffee or tea experience - with these sugar cubes

How to make coffee, tea or expresso a 4-star experience at your party: The very best restaurants are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves and generally show off their fabulousness. Sometimes, just a small detail, such as serving artisanal decorative sugars with coffee or tea, can make for a memorable visit to a destination restaurant.  Why not employ the same strategy at your holiday party? (more…)

Payard's Chocolate dipped peanut butter macaron from the 2010 show

Zac Young's oreo creation from the 2010 show

The New York Chocolate Show is back in town again Thursday, November 10th through Sunday November 13 at the Metropolitan Pavillion.  The show brings together over 65 local and international chocolate vendors under one roof.  My annual chocolate show tip still applies: take advantage of the advance purchase option and avoid the massive lines.  This will enable you to maximize chocolate consumption time.  More tips and ticket information after the jump (more…)