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Archive for the 'Johnny Iuzzini' Category

The Levain chocolate chip cookie: The choice of top pastry chefs

Over the years I have found that New Yorkers have strong opinions about their favorite chocolate chip cookie.  I think this is because our personal cookie style and texture preference is solidified during childhood.  As we age, the emotional connection remains.  And the easiest way to reconnect with your childhood is to experience your favorite cookie.  Or, it could just be people like butter, sugar and chocolate chips!

Recently, I asked some of the best pasty chefs (who aren’t listed on my restraining order), who bakes their favorite chocolate chip cookie?  I expected to get 20 diplomatic  answers of “well–it’s hard to say, ther’re all so good…”  But to my surprise, many  were willing to share their their opinions.  All of these chefs spent some time working in New York kitchens. (more…)

Is Pedro Ximenez granite a possible Johnny Iuzzini cocktail ingredient?

After nearly 10 years, Johnny Iuzzini’s last day as executive pastry chef at Jean Georges was December 31st.   In yesterday’s post we covered the 15 plated desserts on his final menu at Jean Georges.  In Part II (below) Johnny talks a little bit about his future plans, life after Jean Georges and some emerging dessert and food trends.  Go here for part I.


The cranberry parfait was one of my favorite desserts of the afternoon

Part I. After nearly 10 years, Johnny Iuzzini’s last day as executive pastry chef at Jean Georges was December 31st.   A week earlier I went to Jean Georges to cover his last 15 plated desserts on the menu at the three-Michelin star, four NY Times star restaurant.   Johnny talks about his plans for life after JG in Part II. (more…)

The real reason Johnny Iuzzini is leaving Jean Georges

Posted by Niko on November 11th, 2011

3-Star Michelin Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini receiving counsel from a stranger..

Eater reported yesterday that Johnny Iuzzini is leaving Jean Georges after 10 years.  This comes on the heels of two other three-Michelin, four-NY-TImes, starred chefs announcing their departures earlier this year–Michael Laiskonis from Le Bernardin and Dominique Ansel from Daniel.  Johnny certainly has been building his brand over the last few years as head judge of Top Chef: Just Desserts and generally being out and about at all the national food shows, like the New York Food and Wine event.

Johnny Iuzzini's Crispy Godiva Chocolate and Praline Pop with Cranberry

Johnny will be appearing Sunday at the New York Chocolate Show.  Stay up-to-date on all New York City pastry and dessert news and follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

Johnny Iuzzini's Crispy Godiva Chocolate and Praline Pop with Cranberry

Earlier this month I attended the New York Food and Wine “Sweet” event, sponsored by Godiva.  One of the star attractions was Top Chef Just Desserts judge and Executive Pastry Chef of the three-star Jean Georges restaurant in New York.  His booth was mobbed all night with people asking for photos and for advice about their desserts.  I heard at least one person tell him about his crazy-ass dessert business ideas.  I have to give Iuzzini credit, he accommodated each and every visitor and listened as intently as an Upper West Side therapist.  See the video after the jump… (more…)

Plated dessert from Karen DeMasco of Locana Verde

Last night was the New York Food & Wine Festival “Sweet” event and the desserts on display were truly awesome.  Rarely are so many of New York’s best pastry chefs and their desserts all in one place at the same time.  Here’s Part 1 (Part @ is here) of some  of best plates on hand:

Johnny Iuzzini's Crispy Godiva Chocolate and Praline Pop with Cranberry

Johnny Iuzzini’s booth was mobbed all night.  I thought he would win the fan prize but he was just beaten by The Doughnut Plant.  More from Johnny Iuzzini of Jean Georges on Dessertbuzz. (more…)

Top Chef: Just Desserts head judge: Johnny Iuzzini

Posted by Niko on September 21st, 2010

Top chef: Just desserts judge

Quick, how many famous US born pastry chefs can you name (and The Cake Boss doesn’t count)?  If you could come up with more than three names give yourself a gold Twinkie.  Sadly, there are only a few with true name brand recognition and Johnny Iuzzini is one of them.  Iuzzini has directed and worked in some the best pastry kitchens in New York including: Daniel (4 stars from the New York Times), Payard Bistro, Cafe Boulud and finally Jean Georges (3 Michelin stars).  He is also a colorful character.

Johnny Iuzzini new Top Chef: Just desserts head honcho eating Michelle's Gluten-free trio