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Archive for the 'Kee Chocolatier' Category

New York foodies and macarons: A match made in almond flour

Posted by Niko on September 20th, 2011

Bisous Ciao had the NYC macaron crown for almost 2 years

Why is it so important for New Yorkers to know what other people think is “the best”?   With the opening of Laduree in New York City there has been a considerable amount of macaron hype, most of it around how superior their macarons are to everything else. Last week I finally got to try about eight of them (thank you Doctore) and I can safely say they are the best this city has to offer right now.  They feature perfect buttercream, super-soft almond flour cookie shell and insanely strong flavors–despite flying 3600 miles from Paris every day!   (more…)

The gold Buddha is a specialty of Bond Street Chocolates

If you think a box of chocolates as a gift is “old school” or something your parents generation did, it’s time to get over that because New York has some great chocolate makers that specialize in small batches.  These shops offer about a dozen different types of ganaches and individual chocolates- but each one is usually very special.  One day back in June the DessertBuzz team visited a few of the best small shops in Manhattan, Bespoke Chocolates, Bond Street Chocolate and Kee Chocolatier.

Dark chocolate ganache - Bond Street Chocolates

You could easily miss Bond Street Chocolates  1) it’s not on Bond Street and 2) the tiny shop is below street level and very understated.   Understated but cool Bond Street  Chocolates reminds me of the New York City I grew up in.  Unfortunately it’s a part of a dying breed on New York Stores –  special one-of-a-kind shops with character that can’t be found anywhere else.  The staff is also super friendly and knowledgeable  about all their products.

Standard chocolate ganache

Bond Street has the best “standard” dark chocolate ganache I have had in a long time.  I consider the dark chocolate ganache to be the benchmark.  Why?  Because  before you can get fancy with elderberry root and roasted valencia peanuts you have to able to make the basics.  At least that’s what I think.

Most of the Bond Street chocolates, including the plain chocolate ganache, have an impossibly thin top layer of chocolate surrounding their soft or fluid-filled centers. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to accomplish this or how much time it took to perfect this technique – all I know is I like eating it.

Each piece of chocolate is really a little work of art and to drive home that point Bond Street sells beautiful gold dark chocolate Buddhas in two styles that will elicit an “oooh” from even the most jaded New Yorker.  I can’t think of a more perfect gift than one of these dark chocolate Buddhas.

Aside from their great standard chocolate ganache,  I also recommend their Tequila Herradura Ganache and Haitian rum chocolates.  The dry tequila which is devoid of any sweetness matches up perfectly with the dark chocolate.  The tequila ganache is quite unusual in that you can really taste the tequila. I would even say you actually experience the tequila.  If you had 6 of these (something I might do) you would catch a nice buzz.

Passionfruit Caramel

The Haitian Rum has a similar sensibility to the Tequila except that rum is a much sweeter alcohol so the overall “sweet factor” of the piece is increased.  Which of the two you prefer will depend on your fondness for said sweet factor.   If you like rum you should try one of these anyway, even if you think it will be too sweet as none of the Bond St. chocolates were too sweet.

The other member of team DessertBuzz really liked the Passionfruit caramel ganache as well.  I think I liked it too but recused myself from judgement since on this day I had already consumed 3 rounds of chocolates, two slices of the World’s Best Chocolate Cake and some macarons and could not be counted on to judge anything sweet for at least another 4 hours.

The square shaped tequila Herradura chocolate

Recommended: Dark Chocolate Ganache, Tequila Herradura, Haitian rum, and Passionfruit caramel

Bond Street Chocolate is located at 64 East 4th Street.

Their web site is here.

Macaron Day NYC: Sat March 20…

Posted by JK on March 20th, 2010

Dessert Truck Works Pomegranate macarons from Nov 2008

Updated: Georgia’s on the Upper West Side and Cannelle Patisserie in Queens have been added.

François Payard is organizing the first annual Macaron Day in NYC on Saturday, March 20.   Discover just how good these gourmet little pastries can be at one of the bakeries below.  These retailers will be offering a free macaron if you tell them you are there because of Macaron Day (of course you should tell them you are there because of  DessertBuzz too, but you won’t get anything extra).  As you would expect in a city of 8 million, supplies are limited so go early.

Macaron Day NYC is inspired by and will coincide with the 5th annual Jour du Macaron in Paris, organized by Pierre Hermé.

Bouchon Bakery macaron from the Time Warner Center location

Chocolate macarons from L.A. Burdick

Macarons from Kee Chocolatier (as of yet not participating in Macaron Day)

Francois Payard's macarons from Francois Chocolate Bar

Almondine Bakery
85 Water Street, DUMBO
(718) 797-5026
442 9th Street, Park Slope
(718) 832-4607

Bouchon Bakery
10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor
(212) 823-9364

Burdick Chocolate
5 East 20th Street
(212) 796-0143

Butterfield Market
1114 Lexington Avenue
(212) 288-7800

DessertTruck Works
6 Clinton Street

FC Chocolate Bar714 Madison Avenue, 4th floor(212)

2418 Broadway at West 89th Street
(212) 362-2000

Cannelle Patisserie
75-59 31st Avenue, East Elmhurst
(718) 565-6200
La Maison du Chocolat
1018 Madison Avenue at 78 Street
63 Wall Street
30 Rockefeller Center
Empire State Center Lobby
(212) 744-7117

Macaron Café
161 West 36th Street
(212) 564-3525

Madeleine Patisserie
132 West 23rd Street

Mad-Mac “The Authentic French Macarons”
At Bernardaud
499 Park Avenue at 59th Street
(973) 225-0930

Silver Moon Bakery
2740 Broadway at 105th Street
(212) 866-4717