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Archive for the 'Killed By Dessert' Category

Bill Corbett plating his Goat Cheesecake

San Francisco, CA: I already posted some snaps from the Killed By Dessert bake sale on May 11. But it took me a few weeks to sort through the 700+ photos from the main event.  The dessert-dinner on Sunday night at the San Francisco Cooking School to benefit Share Our Strength. Fortunately for me, San Francisco Gate food writer, Paulo Lucchesi did a fantastic job writing about the event (and taking photos)–so I’m not sure where that leaves this coverage! Please read on… (more…)

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Here are Bill Corbett's fantastic pretzel croissants

San Francisco, CA: We’re checking in from the Killed By Dessert bake sale to benefit Share Our Strength at the San Francisco Cooking School. (Tomorrow is the sold-out dinner event.)  The event was a grand slam with a line down the block for the first 2 hours. The down side was that they were sold out of Shawn Gawle‘s canele by the time I got there. Read on for a full gallery of desserts and portraits of the pastry chefs who created them. (Click on the photos for a larger image). Here’s the recap from the first Killed By Dessert in New York City.

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Brooks Headley and Michael Laiskonis


Killed by Dessert takes its first 50 victims

Posted by Niko on January 17th, 2012

Everyone has to go sometime, you might as well be killed by dessert. Francisco Migoya's eclair

On Monday night DessertBuzz attended “Killed by Dessert”.  Six of the country’s top pastry chefs came together to create and serve their “favorite things” in a special meal to benefit Share Our Strength.  The evening was a unqualified success.  There was something really special about the contrast of the casual dining environment of an industrial kitchen and the fastidiousness of top-level chefs and their teams working as if they were feeding the president. (more…)