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Archive for the 'Marea' Category

Marea Pistachio dessert

When I recently learned that Marea was starting a Sunday lunch (“not brunch”) service that included their famous fusilli with bone marrow and baby octopus pasta dish, I made sure I was there on opening day. Michael White was there too and visited every table and chatted with us about the food etc.

Despite the heavy pasta lunch, we ended up ordering 2 desserts, a pistachio cake and a carrot cake.

The Pistachio cake was an absolutely beautiful looking and tasting dessert.   One of the nicest looking plated desserts I have seen in a while.   It involved a layer of dark chocolate icing, dark chocolate ganache, pistachio cake,  sugar coated pistachios, pistachio ice cream and some kumquat marmalade.

The ultra-thin layer of dark chocolate on top of the cake was so uniform, and so perfect that you could almost see your reflection on the surface.  It was also dark and flavorful.  The pistachio cake itself was moist and blended nicely into the chocolate ganache layer. The candied pistachios added a nice crunch to go along with the velvety softness of the rest of the dessert.  The mild-tasting pistachio gelato was also very smooth.  I love that Marea includes 2 small triangles of cake with this dessert rather than just one -perfect for splitting.

Like the pistachio cake, the carrot cake was super-moist and very flavorful.  One unique thing about this dish was that it was served with golden beet ice cream.  I found the flavor subtle but nice.  I would never have been able to guess what it was if the waitress hadn’t told  us.

The rocking pastry chef for all of 3 of Michael White’s restaurants is Heather Bertinetti .  Who has quite a pedigree!

Recommended: Marea pistachio cake and carrot cake

Marea is located at 240 Central Park South

Marea: best pasta dish in my life and good desserts

Posted by Niko on August 16th, 2009

Seriouseats New York was right about the pasta at Marea, a restaurant that is supposed to specialize in seafood.   They recommended a number of pasta dishes and in my opinion their pasta was far superior to their seafood.  Not because the seafood wasn’t good but because the pasta was so spectacular.

Marea’s fusilli with red wine braised octopus and bone marrow was the best pasta dish I have ever eaten.  That’s EVER.   For pics and a review see the SE feature on Marea here.

Their desserts were superb as well.  The house made sorbet was very flavorful and perfect for the diner that has already consumed 6 courses.

The vanilla-bean-specked panna cotta had great flavor and the accompanying scoop of dark chocolate gelato was absolutely stellar.  The hazelnut torte had a smooth dense texture and great flavors of dark chocolate and hazelnut that were not too sweet.

Recommended: House made sorbet, and savory must have: fusilli with red wine braised octopus and bone marrow.

Marea is located on 240 Central Park South. Their web site is here.