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Financier Patisserie’s excellent macarons

26 Jan 2011, Posted by Niko in Financier patisserie, Panya

Last week I posted about Panya’s huge $1.50 macarons and noted that they tasted fine but sometimes seemed a bit stale.  A friend, who is an accomplished baker, pointed out in the comments that Finacier Patisserie, who generally makes excellent french pastries, also sells large…

Huge Macarons for $1.50 at PanYa

21 Jan 2011, Posted by Niko in Panya

I’m not going to lie, the PanYa macaron is not the best or even second best in the Village.  That said, in this over-priced city, if you just need a fix, you simply can’t beat the value.  Only a $1.50 for a macaron that’s bigger…