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Vegan desserts in New York City

One of my favorite brownies in NYC - Vegan or not

If this is some kind of tipping point for vegan baked goods please remember you heard it here first.  The Gourmet Garage in SOHO is now carrying the Vegan Divas line of high-end vegan desserts.  Initially, they will sell four products: the vegan and gluten-free chocolate mousse, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookie and chocolate brownie.  In my opinion this is their “A-list” and best four products.  The mousse and brownie are great desserts even compared to their full milk and dairy-containing counterparts. (more…)

Click here to go to the City Sweet Tooth review of The Doughnut Plant

I have a friend who is eating his way through all the doughnuts at the Chelsea location of the Doughnut Plant.  He keeps insisting that he is going to send me a review.  While we are waiting for that review, check out this great piece from artist Abby Denson at  The City Sweet Tooth comic to learn more about the (new-ish) Doughnut Plant in Chelsea.

Doughnut Plant: 220 W. 23rd St., bet. 7th & 8th Aves.

Peace foods cafe chocolate frosted doughnut


Peace foods cafe chocolate frosted doughnut

I spotted this new item in the bakery case of Peacefood Cafe on the Upper West Side.  Peacefood has proven themselves over and over when it comes to superb vegan baked goods.  More times than not they are as good, or better than their animal-product counterparts.  These donuts were no exception. (more…)

Don’t fear the word: VEGAN desserts at Peacefood Cafe

Posted by Niko on August 21st, 2010

Peacefood Cafe Vegan Desserts

Dear readers,
For those of you who are terrified of any dessert that has “vegan” in the title I have some news: The mini brownies at Peacefood are actually really good especially when you consider their $0.99 price.

These brownies are moist and “cake-like” rather than “fudge-like” but the thing I like most about them is their dark chocolate cocoa flavor.  This is what is often missing from many brownies IMHO.  Maybe the lack of eggs and milk forces a vegan baker to focus more on flavor?  A more traditional baker might take for granted that a brownie with all the usual ingredients will taste pretty good no matter what they do.  Check these out for a buck and let me know how they were.

The mini cupcake with chocolate frosting was good as well. I doubt too many people could identify it as “vegan” in a blind taste test.  Like the Brownies, it was moist.  For some reason it did not have the deep, dark chocolate flavor that the brownies had.  If you like your frosting with the sweetness-o-meter jacked to 10 like Magnolia or super-high in volume like Sweet Revenge then you might not love these.


PeaceFoods Cafe vegan chocolate chip cookie

Posted by Niko on August 19th, 2010

Peacefood Cafe on the Upper West Side seems to have hit their stride and people have taken notice.  The place is frequently very busy and their vegan baked items which started out in the “very good category” seemed to have improved even more.  I swear their standard chocolate chip cookie recipe has changed for the better.  Maybe they just added a second batch during the day now, but I remember these cookies being a little dry and brittle.   However, over the last few weeks  I have eaten 3-4 of them and they are moist, soft and have some nice chocolate chips inside.  At $1.25 each a good deal I think.

Peace Foods is here:

460 Amsterdam Ave, corner of 82 St.