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Archive for the 'Petrossian' Category

The Levain chocolate chip cookie: The choice of top pastry chefs

Over the years I have found that New Yorkers have strong opinions about their favorite chocolate chip cookie.  I think this is because our personal cookie style and texture preference is solidified during childhood.  As we age, the emotional connection remains.  And the easiest way to reconnect with your childhood is to experience your favorite cookie.  Or, it could just be people like butter, sugar and chocolate chips!

Recently, I asked some of the best pasty chefs (who aren’t listed on my restraining order), who bakes their favorite chocolate chip cookie?  I expected to get 20 diplomatic  answers of “well–it’s hard to say, ther’re all so good…”  But to my surprise, many  were willing to share their their opinions.  All of these chefs spent some time working in New York kitchens. (more…)

Bouchon bakery Irish soda bread

St Patrick’s day is long past but I had a really nice Irish soda bread from Bouchon in the Time Warner Center 2 weeks ago and felt it was worth a mention (I doubt it’s even still available).  The single serving bread was served like a muffin wrapped in wax paper.  The bread had a nice aroma and was not sweet as an Irish soda bread should be.  Read the interesting history of Irish Soda bread  here.