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Archive for the 'Spot Dessert Bar' Category

NYC Desserts go green for St. Patrick’s Day:

Posted by Niko on March 15th, 2012

Green Tea-ramisu & a Green Tea Macaroon pairing

St. Patrick’s Day is not a holiday that one typically associates with desserts.  But here at DessertBuzz things are a little different.  Think of us as an alternate, “Bizzarro” world for NYC holiday celebrations.  Sure, you can find green bagels pretty easily but what about green macarons?  Ok–so that’s easy too.  What about clover shaped, SHAMROCK macarons?  How about green tea-ramisu?  Read on if you like your desserts as green as your beer on St Patty’s Day. (more…)

Spot Dessert Bar's heart shaped macrons

Valentine’s day is around the corner so if you’re feeling the crush of billions of marketing dollars telling you that you must get something red or heart-related for your partner–here are some suggestions. (more…)

Spot Dessert Bar gets a new pastry chef and menu

Posted by Niko on October 10th, 2011

Chocolate green tea lava cake with green tea ice cream

Ian Chalermkittichai recently replaced Pichet Ong as the pastry chef for Spot Dessert Bar and from what I can tell, most of the menu has been changed. You can still get cookies, cupcakes, macarons and restaurant-quality plated desserts, however for the first time the menu also lists a number of savory items (none of which were available yet). (more…)

Spot Dessert Bar: Chocolate Marquise and excellent sorbet

Posted by Niko on August 23rd, 2010

Spot Dessert Bar

Photo courtesy of Kathy YL Chan at A Passion For Food

A friend who I turned on to Spot told me they put a laminated DessertBuzz review inside the restaurant.  So when I was near there last nigtht I figured it was time to show some love.  When I arrived I was happy to see there was a wait and that the place was bustling.  I ordered the Chocolate Marquise and my companion ordered one scoop each of the chocolate and mango sorbet.

The Chocolate Marquise is a legitimate, three-part, schmancy-pants restaurant dessert.  The Marquise itself is a dark chocolate based mousse-like cake dusted with cocoa-cookie crumbs.  It’s not sweet at all, just very smooth and chocolaty.  Next to that is a bit of  mango tapioca.  This particular tapioca is made from the large format balls like those found in bubble tea (which they also serve at Spot).


Spot Dessert Bar: Mint chocolate cookie

Posted by Niko on May 2nd, 2010

Spot's chocolate mint cookie: lots of mint flavor

I was in the neighborhood and thought a trip to Spot was long overdue.  Unfortunately, I had already consumed 3 desserts by this time so I just ordered the smallest thing I could find.  That turned out to be the mint chocolate cookie.   I have had these cookies many times but just never wrote about them.   Their texture is like that of a very flavorful brownie with a slightly crispy outer crust.  Their main feature is a very strong mint flavor.  One person, who I shared half my cookie with thought it was too minty, which I thought was ridiculous.  Anyway, try one yourself and let me know.

Recommended: Chocolate mint cookie

Spot’s website. Spot is located at 13 St Mark’s Place.


Having been a huge fan of Batch, (my restraining order was canceled when they closed earlier this year) I was excited to read last week that Pichet Ong was behind a new destination dessert bar opening in the East Village. The more I learned about it, ($7 plated desserts and Ovaltine!) the more excited I got. The featured desserts are referred to as “seasonal dessert tapas” and the two I tried were highly creative, intricate and delicious. Of course, I rocked the warm Ovaltine which was served with a generous amount of sweet condensed milk mixed in.

The White miso semifreddo with raspberries, olive oil and raspberry sorbet was a unique dessert that you would expect to find in a 4-star restaurant. The cake portion surrounding the cold center was just like sweet Japanese pound cake and when combined with the ice-cream-like semifreddo it reminded me of the texture of baked Alaska.

The olive oil, lightly drizzled across the semifreddo and cake worked perfectly. I initially thought it was honey or butter or something else.

Tomorrow, the chocolate tart with carmelized banana and green tea “soil” and ice cream.

Spot currently has a somewhat minimalist website. Spot is located at 13 St Mark’s Place.