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Archive for the 'StarChefs International Chefs Congress 2012' Category

Snaps from StarChefs Int. Pastry Competition Day 1

Posted by Niko on September 30th, 2013

The latest updates can be found on Twitter at dessertbuzz and in two public galleries on FaceBook here and here (no FB account needed).












Winning Glacage from Salvatore Martone's banquet showpiece

“This is where these chefs have been competing for the last 3 days–right here on the armory floor–not in their restaurant kitchens…competing and cooking here, I can tell you, is a completeley different animal–it’s much more challenging”

Executive Pastry Chef of the competition, Johnny Iuzzini

The StarChefs 2012 International Chefs Congress came to a close yesterday but not before a thrilling pastry competition finale culminating with the announcement of  the overall winner.

Day three of the competition featured three finalists from an initial group of 20 pastry chefs.  The finalists were Jennifer Yee (formerly of SHO Shaun Hergott) Aya Fukai (Waldorf Astoria Chicago ) and Salvatore Martone (L’atelier de Joel Robuchon). After four more hours of competition, including tastings and showpieces, a crew of seriously credible pastry chefs including Elizabeth Falkner, Michael Laskonis and Stephane TreandMOF set about to score each contestant on a variety of skills.


Quick snaps from StarChefs International Chefs Congress

Posted by Niko on October 1st, 2012

Michael Laiskonis Crunchy choux, elderflower, apricot at the Pastry Pop-up on Sunday afternoon

Many of our favorite pastry chefs were in attendance Sunday at the StarChefs International Chefs Congress.  Michael Laiskonis had a “pop-up” pastry restaurant with seatings for six attendees at a time.  Each guest received three courses.  Proceeds from the pop-up restaurants go to  Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (CCAP) an organization that works with underserved schools to prepare students for career opportunities in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

This will be outdated information by 1:00p.m. today but congratulations are in oder for the four New York City pastry chefs, all previously featured on DessertBuzz, who made it to the round of 10 in the StarChefs International Chefs Congresss 3rd annual pastry competition:  Jennifer Yee (formerly of SHO Shaun Hergatt), Stephen Collucci (Colicchio and Sons), Ashley Brauze (DB Bistro Moderne) and Michal Shelkowitz (Dovetail).