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Archive for the 'Wafels & Dinges' Category

Chiboust Bakery Pain Au Chocolat $3.00

The following article first appeared in the New York bicycle racing culture web site NY Velocity.

When the bicycle racing season is over and the leaves start to change color, the legions of NYC cyclists head over the GWB in search of good conversation and equally good baked goods.  With that in mind I have been meaning to publish a roundup of  the bakeries that dot the bike route up 9W and into Piermont, Nyack and beyond.  However, so many new bakeries have popped up  that it has become impossible for one man to review them all so I enlisted a hand-picked team of highly trained professional tasters to join me. (more…)

"Wancko" cookie - peanut butter chocolate chip and pretzel chunks

Of all the gatherings of “gourmet” food carts and street food vendors in Manhattan I think Madison Square Eats has the highest percentage of great vendors.  On the savory side,  there are too many to mention them all.  Here’s a select few: Calexico Cart, Asia Dog, and Roberta’s (real wood oven) pizzas.  On the sweet side there’s plenty of standouts as well.  Some of my favorite picks are featured below. (more…)

Free wafels for a year people!

Wednesday is National Wafel Day! Come celebrate in Hanover Square. You could be crowned Miss or Mister Wafel 2011 and win a year of FREE wafels! Just go to the Wafels and Dinges Facebook wall or email them (  on why you would be a great Wafels & Dinges representative.   Go here for more info. (more…)