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Chambre De Sucre gourmet sugar coming soon to a fine restaurant near you

26 Jun 2011, Posted by Niko in Specialty dessert products

Enhance your coffee or tea experience - every day

The very best restaurants are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves or generally increase their fabulousness. Sometimes, just enhancing a small detail, such as serving artisanal decorative sugars with coffee or tea,  helps make for a memorable visit to a destination restaurant.

Chambre De Sucre - decorative sugar cubes

At least that’s what my first thought was when I received some beautiful samples of decorative specialty sugar from Chambre  De Sucre (“The Sugar Room”).   The sugar is imported from Japan and the decorative pieces are hand made rather than machine processed.  Many of the pieces are quite beautiful and I could definitely see these sugars along side a cup of coffee at The Four Seasons or Bouley.

Specialty sugar cubes - in the "French Sugar" style

All the sugars are designed to be served with coffee or tea and, as I mentioned, seem best suited to a restaurant or high-end hotel setting.  However, Chambre de Sucre’s website shows some great looking packages that are obviously intended to be given as gifts.  I can think of at least a few a coffee or tea drinkers who would love these.

More decorative sugar balls

If you’re a chef let me know what you think.  Chambre De Sucre’s website is here.

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