Dessertbuzz | Chelsea’s La Bergamote: very good almond croissants, excellent tuna nicoise salad


Chelsea’s La Bergamote: very good almond croissants, excellent tuna nicoise salad

30 Jan 2012, Posted by Doctore in La Bergamote, Reviews

La Bergamote's almond croissant: approved by my father

Last week I took my father to lunch for his 78th birthday.  He said he wanted to go to one of the places along his daily walking route.  That led us to La Bergamote in Chelsea.  He’s been raving about their almond croissants for the last  year or so.  Like his son, my father takes his pastry very seriously.  The last time I visited my parents’ apartment in Chelsea I saw a white paper bag on top of the fridge with oil spots all over it.  When I took it down to investigate, my father lowered the newspaper he was reading and said “that’s my almond croissant from La Bergamote–you can eat anything else in the house–but not that–sorry!’

Ceci Cela: One of the NYC standard for croissants, almond croissants and Pain Au Chocolat

I told my dad that I had recommended some croissants on DessertBuzz and suggested that he help me with an update to the review.  He seemed mildly interested but I wasn’t sure if he was ready to give up his routine on the off chance that he might find a better almond croissant somewhere else.  Could I get him to at least try Cesi Cela?

Some have said that beyond their delicious, slightly burnt crust, La Bergamote’s almond croissants are soggy.  I disagree with this view. The two that I tried over the last three weeks were not soggy or wet in any way.  They were some of the flattest high-end croissants I have seen in NYC–so if a flat croissant is going to upset you, you should avoid these.  However, they also seem to have a metric ton of almond flavor–especially the roasted, slivered almonds on the outside.

A note about La Bergamote’s savory options:  In addition to the pastry items I had a really excellent tuna nicoise salad.  It was fresh and had a plentiful amount of tuna.

La Bergamote is located at 177 9th Ave (20th St.)  They also have a location at 515 West 52nd.  Their website is here.

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