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Chocolate Matzo update: Zabar’s takes up the slack

28 Mar 2010, Posted by JK in Jacques Torres, Zabar's

Still available as of March 28th, 2010

I  am hearing reports that Jacques Torres on Amsterdam is out of  large dark chocolate covered matzo so I thought I would let readers know that Zabar’s still has Ozem brand dark chocolate matzo in regular and orange flavor.  The Ozem product is not in the same class as Jacques Torres but in a pinch they’ll do, and they come all the way from Israel.  The Ozem product is real dark chocolate and the matzos underneath stay reasonably crunchy but they just aren’t as flavorful as the locally made Torres matzos.   $5.69 at Zabar’s 2245 Broadway.

I am also told that some Vosges stores still have some Dark Chocolate matzos left as well.

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