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Add another vegan entry to the list of delicious high calorie snacks. What, you thought vegan = healthy? Ha! Typically, vegan foods are healthier.  But lets not kid ourselves just because its missing eggs and dairy doesn’t make it  broccoli.  At 400-500 Calories a pop, try not to have more than 2 a day.  That could be difficult though because these cookies are good.  The Knicks with Willis Reed good. OK Computer good.  Hillary crying in public good.  Check it out for yourself.

Here’s a Google map to City Bakery’s New York location: Here’s a link to City Bakery’s website:

One Response to “Holy crap it’s vegan! City Bakery Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie”

[…] Cookie Monster seems to have fallen short in his bid to host Saturday Night Live (SNL) but did participate in the opening monologue with Jeff Bridges.  They sang a duet of “Silver Bells”, then Bridges gave Cookie Monster two halves of a big chocolate Chip Cookie.  I couldn’t identify where the cookie was from.  It didn’t look like a Levain or a City Bakery. […]

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