Dessertbuzz | Come for the desserts stay for the Ovaltine: Pichet Ong’s Spot Dessert Bar


Come for the desserts stay for the Ovaltine: Pichet Ong’s Spot Dessert Bar

22 Nov 2009, Posted by Niko in Spot Dessert Bar


Having been a huge fan of Batch, (my restraining order was canceled when they closed earlier this year) I was excited to read last week that Pichet Ong was behind a new destination dessert bar opening in the East Village. The more I learned about it, ($7 plated desserts and Ovaltine!) the more excited I got. The featured desserts are referred to as “seasonal dessert tapas” and the two I tried were highly creative, intricate and delicious. Of course, I rocked the warm Ovaltine which was served with a generous amount of sweet condensed milk mixed in.

The White miso semifreddo with raspberries, olive oil and raspberry sorbet was a unique dessert that you would expect to find in a 4-star restaurant. The cake portion surrounding the cold center was just like sweet Japanese pound cake and when combined with the ice-cream-like semifreddo it reminded me of the texture of baked Alaska.

The olive oil, lightly drizzled across the semifreddo and cake worked perfectly. I initially thought it was honey or butter or something else.

Tomorrow, the chocolate tart with carmelized banana and green tea “soil” and ice cream.

Spot currently has a somewhat minimalist website. Spot is located at 13 St Mark’s Place.

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