Dessertbuzz | Cultural landmark Cornelia Street Cafe has excellent desserts


Cultural landmark Cornelia Street Cafe has excellent desserts

09 Mar 2011, Posted by Niko in Cornelia Street Cafe

Cornelia Street Cafe creme brulee

You probably know that the Cornelia Street Cafe is an cultural hub and  institution and a great place for dinner or drinks but did you know they have great desserts?  Well they do.

Cornelia Street Cafe creme brulee

The traditional creme brulee is just that – not overly sweet but smooth and creamy.  The top is nicely caramelized.  They may even torch it to add a nice finish.  The chocolate hazelnut bread pudding leans much more to the pudding side than most bread puddings in New York–there’s not much “bread” to speak of.  However,  they use a really nice dark chocolate that’s only lightly sweetened.  It’s served with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of hazelnuts on top.  Two perfect desserts while the weather is still cold

The Cornelias Street Cafe is located at 29 Cornelia Street.  Their website is here.

One of the best theater companies in New York, New Georges,  just had a show at Cornelia St.  Read about it here.

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