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Cupcake Stop Truck busts out some pretty good cookies

26 Oct 2010, Posted by Niko in Cupcake Stop

Cupcake Stop chocolate chocolate chip cookies

Not content to dominate the ultra-competitive world of New York City cupcakes, the Cupcake Stop Truck now offers (at least) three different kinds of cookies.  I tried the chocolate, chocolate chip this past Sunday on the way back from Two Little Red Hens (review coming soon) on the Upper East Side.

The cookies themselves are excellent.  They have a slight crust on the outside and are soft in the middle.  They come in packs of three for $3.00–which is a good deal considering how few places sell gourmet cookies for $1.00.

Cupcake Stop chocolate chocolate chip cookies

And don’t forget their cupcakes.

Two years ago at the Vendy’s I got to spend some quality time with Liev and Cupcake Stop team.   I consumed many cupcakes and learned a lot about NYC food trucks.   Since then, I have always regarded the Cupcake Stop as one of the best places to score a cupcake in this cupcake-mad city.  This is mainly because they treat cupcakes like complete, plated desserts with all kinds of interesting toppings and ingredients rather than just cake and frosting delivery systems.

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I’m not sure how many trucks Cupcake Stop has now but go here for a list of all their locations.

The Cupcake Stop Elvis Cupcake

The cupcake stop Website is here.

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